The Agony - EP 'Eclectic' and music video

We're the all-female heavyrock foursome The Agony and together with you, we want to reach another milestone on our journey - recording and releasing our new EP and music video. Join us, contribute, and be a part of the new chapter of our story! :)

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  • Photo: Tomáš Šnírer

  • Photo: Tomáš Šnírer

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  • Photo: František Ortmann

  • Photo: Tomáš Šnírer

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                                                                    The Agony - EP 'Eclectic' and music video

                              Kajda, Terka, Niky, Katie // genre: heavy rock // //

foto: Tomáš Šnírer /
                                                 "They exude attitude, and rock hard. Agony has never felt so good!"
- Rich Deakin, Vive Le Rock Magazine, UK // photo:

How It All Began

In the Fall of 2012, a young guitar player and songwriter, Nikola Niky Kandoussi, had just found out her first professional gig was over. Instead of crying in the corner of her small student apartment, she picked up the guitar again and realized that NOW it finally was the time to fulfill her dreams, form her own all-female heavy rock band and bring not only to the Czech music scene something that had been fairly missing. During the next few months, she’d be shredding new riffs, writing lyrics, searching (luckily she was successful!) for bandmates with similar chops, mentality and vision, and in April 2013, the dream became reality when The Agony came to life.

However, all the work apparently isn’t done by only forming the band. During rehearsals in the dark wet basement (yes, stereotypes, we know, but it is true), the quartet of women came to the conclusion that it’d be really appropriate if the band records some music, plays gigs, does the necessary promo and is visible. Well, alright then.
The newly formed group of female musicians went for it with hardly any money, no management, no fear but with great load of balls…

                                                                    photo: Irena Zlámalová / Tomáš Šnírer

The Agony, 2019

We’re still together, still going for it, still aiming high. Apart from a plenty of major Czech festivals slots, we played quite a few support gigs with international interprets (Girlschool, Loudness, Blaze Bayley, Vinnie and Carmine Appice…) as well as well-known Czech names. We’ve also set off for Europe, playing 3 runs of tours with gigs mainly in Netherlands, Germany, UK and Austria. We’ve appeared on TV and magazines, and had our own beer manufactured – twice!
What’s even better is the fact we’ve released 2 albums (the debut Dirty and Dangerous in 2015 and sophomore 689 in 2017) thanks to our fans who contributed via crowdfunding.

Here we are now, two years after releasing the second album, thinking it’s now time for a new chapter!
Help us write it – are you in?

                                                                             photo: Viktor Souček / RiffRaff

What's the Goal?

Recording and releasing new EP and music video.
Music and video are two highly important things without which no band can really progress.

In the Music category, we’re planning a whole new item in our band’s discography, EP ‚Eclectic’. Four songs, each of which goes in slightly different direction, all of them however have something in common – focus on melodies, riffs, catchy choruses and dynamics.
We want to return into one of the best recording studios in Europe, SONO Records, to work with an amazing producer, Milan Cimfe.
This guy has worked with Bowie or Doug Wimbish, and mainly, top Czech interprets within the rock genre, stadium-selling names. Hard to explain what an honour it is when a person like Milan says Yes to our question whether he’d like to produce us. What we know, though, is that he’ll take us and our music many levels higher. 

Music video is tightly connected to music, and our YouTube channel has been screaming out loud for some time that it simply WANTS something new added. And we want it too, however, the quality of the video needs to correspond with the quality of new music and that can get costly. It’s not really worth it to go low-budget now since we yearn to see the video on TV... so it has to be amazing.

Along with this, the new line of merchandise will be available, following the visual concept of the new EP. Clothing, bracelets, USB’s, buttons, beer-openers, there‘ s many possibilities, and also many opportunities for your suggestions, do not hesitate to send us your tips!

                                                                       photo: Roman Binder / MUSIC report

Why Are We Doing This?

We kicked off our first crowdfunding campaign in 2015 after we’ve noticed a lot of independent bands going that way and financing their releases and other activities with this. Our first success with both CZ and international campaign gave us such a kick of energy and happiness... and we decided to go down the same path two years later.

We still believe that the crowdfunding concept is still the best, most direct and honest way of supporting independent bands.

We’re doing this for you, with you and thanks to you, and believe us, it couldn’t work without you.
We appreciate your support greatly, we thank you and invite you to become a part of the next chapter of our story!
Pick up one of your preferred items below and help us on our way towards the new EP and music video :)

                                                                                     photo: Maťo Mišík


Jul 13, 2020 Eclectic EP Front Cover Revealed!

Dear fans, friends and pledgers, we are extremely pleased to let you know that the Eclectic EP is now in final stages of mixing followed by mastering, and not only that - it finally has its front cover! The artwork was created by our friend, Czech artist Maťo Mišík - watch the video below for th…


May 23, 2020 Eclectic EP is Recorded!

Dear fans, friends and supporters! We are incredibly happy to say that the new EP Eclectic has been recorded and is in the process of post-production now, which consists of mixing and mastering. It was an amazing four-day run at SONO Records, full of great musical experierience, challenge,…



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  • Sold out!! ‘Eclectic’ vol. 4 (DVD from the EP launch)

    We’ve been thinking a lot how to make up for you fans from abroad the fact that this item in CZ version contains the free entry to our EP launch gig in Prague. If you won’t be able to attend (and believe us, we understand), we’ll film the gig and send you a personalised DVD along with a batch of merchandise from the vol. 3 package. You will be there with us in spirit and have a nice memorabilia item that no one will take from you :)

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  • 1 from 4 Studio Eye

    Big brother is watching and so can you! During our recording sessions, we’re planning some insight footage so you’ll see the whole intimate process of laying down our tracks step by step. Spoiler Alert: as usual, there will be a lot of swear words after failed takes. In Czech, mostly, but rants are universal language, so be aware! (is the merch from vol. 3 item included? Yes, it is!)

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  • 3 from 3 The Agony’s School of Rock

    For those of you playing some instrument and wanting to know how we play that riff, that fill, that solo, or that bass lick, we’re offering the possibility of jumping on Skype for some music lessons! Maybe it can turn the other way around with you teaching us, but one way or another, we’ll have fun. P. S. Katie can also virtually teach you how to play also kazoo or ukulele – as you see, our musical variety is astounding. P. P. S. Merch from vol. 3 included.

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  • Sold out!! Music Video Outtakes Footage

    If you come to Prague, you can have a cameo appearance in our planned music video, but again, we understand if you cannot make it (though it’s a shame, because Prague is gorgeous!).
    Therefore, we’re coming with an alternative solution – we’ll provide you with Behind the scenes footage, including all the outtakes, preparations and comments. And of course the vol. 3 merch package!

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  • 3 from 4 Stage Worn Costumes aka I Want To Feel and Smell The Agony

    We spent most of the last year’s gig season wearing unified stage costumes for the very first time – tail-coat vests that were custom tailored for us by our first drummer, Jarka Červeňáková. And even though we value the clothing greatly, and it means a bit of nostalgia for us, we’ve decided to give it up for this campaign for those of you wanting to own something tangible we’d been wearing for so much of stage time. Slightly worn out, four pieces, OURS and here for you now. Take them, because one day it could be sold out on eBay after one hell of a click fight! (merch package vol. 3 included:))

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    This acoustic gig is probably more for the CZ based fans, however, if you buy this item, you can either decide to invite us to your country, or get the CZ acoustic gig filmed and footage delivered to you along with the vol. 3 merch package! We can even dedicate a song for you :)

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