What is Hithit

Hithit makes dreams come true

"People + Internet. Done.”
Hithit interconnects creative people with those who want to support them. It makes dreams of artists, creative workers, designers, developers, and geniuses come true. It can make also your dreams come true. It is a new, inspirational form of interconnection between businessmen and clients. Both parties will commence a unique cooperation.

What is crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding

Experts say that the first crowdfunding example was the funds collection for the Czech National Theatre. Yes, it was. Today, the role of the patriotic newspaper that spread the news about it back then is taken over by the Internet, social networks, blogs, e-mails. Crowdfunding opens a door for creative people which have been shut close until now. They don't have to sell out, beg at the so called Angel Investors; all they have to do is to create a brainy project presentation and to continue focusing on own work.

All or nothing

Every project has a maximum of 45 days to collect the required amount of funds. If the project does not make it, it does not get a single crown. The reason is simple. Herewith, we protect everyone who participates. The applicants are thus forced to define realistic targets, and motivates them to the most intensive mobilization of the community. Their fans, on the other hand, can be thus sure that they will not wait for the product they supported for an unreasonably long time.

What projects have a chance at Hithit?

All that you indulge in fully, to which you put your heart, and that are realistic. Always consider whether you would support something like that yourself. Work with emotions, be true, and duly remunerate your donors. Do not underestimate the presentation of your idea, prepare an original video, clear statement, arrange your thoughts.

Hithit is only for creative workers

Although we believe in social and responsible society, Hithit is only a space for funding new ideas, creative intentions, publishing musing albums, making films or movies, manufacturing of innovative or design products, software or mobile apps development, etc. We are convinced that these people deserve their own space. Charity projects, but for exceptions, have their place on other websites.

How to start?

Very simply. At the home page, click on "Create own project" and fill out all fields. Our colleagues will then check the project - this is not about censorship but we want to avoid any sexually explicit or xenophobic content on Hithit. In a couple of days we will contact you and you can go on.