Eagleheart is recording the third album

After years of enormous work we are finally coming close to completion of our third album! Become a part of its creation and preorder the upcoming album right now! Thank you very much for your support in advance.

Author: Eagleheart

The author haven't filled any FAQ yet. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask!

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  • 4 Just donate

    Do you want to help us but you are not sure what to choose? We appreciate any support and for this amount we will send you a signed photo of the band in A5 format.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 3.91
    (CZK 100)
  • 19 Digital version of the new album

    New album in digital format, MP3/FLAC including the entire booklet in PDF for download before the official release.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 5.86
    (CZK 150)
  • 59 New album on CD

    Signed CD with 16 pages booklet by  graphic design studio DisArt. We will add some stickers and a signed photo of the band. The entire package will be sent before the official release date.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 11.72
    (CZK 300)
  • 5 Handwritten lyrics

    If you are interested in lyrical content of the upcoming album, for this amount you'll receive hand-written lyrics written by the author himself, Michal Kůs! Once again, a signed photo of the band and a few stickers are included in the package.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 13.67
    (CZK 350)
  • 7 Album on CD + bonus disk

    Wanna hear all the new songs in their original demo versions recorded in our home studios and capturing our musical ideas when they were completely fresh and new? Order a version of the new album with a bonus disc that contains all the demos! Including a photo of the band with signature and stickers.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 21.48
    (CZK 550)
  • 1 Skype or personal guitar/drums lesson

    If you play the guitar or drums and you would like to discuss anything regarding that, learn some of our songs, a couple tricks or just talk about music, have a lesson with us! Mike and MJ will help you with your guitar playing while Filip can teach you some drumming. Lessons will take place in our rehearsal room or on Skype. A signed CD included in this perk!

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 31.25
    (CZK 800)
  • 8 VIP package

    A package for hardcore fans of the band! The entire Eagleheart discography including the new album with a bonus CD and signatures of all current and former members of the band + handwritten texts of the new album + a signed poster and a card with stickers.

    To sum it up:
    - MCD Black Sun (2005)
    - CD Moment Of Life (2008)
    - CD Dreamtherapy (2011)
    - the new Eagleheart album on CD + bonus disc
    - hand-written lyrics
    - signed poster
    - photocard
    - stickers

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 42.97
    (CZK 1,100)
  • 5 Take part in choirs for the new album

    Do you really wanna take part in making of the album? It's possible! We still have not recorded all the vocal choirs for a couple of songs and we are going to finish this during the mixing session. If you want to join in, we will send you the actual tracks and you can record your parts in your own studio or even with us in Brno! A signed CD as a result of our cooperation is included in this package for sure!

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 58.59
    (CZK 1,500)
  • Sold out!! Hourglass from the Moment Of Life video

    A rare item for the biggest fan – the hourglass that we used for our first music video Moment Of Life! We will add a signed CD with bonus disk, hand-written lyrics and a poster for this package.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 78.13
    (CZK 2,000)
  • 1 from 4 I want to be a sponsor

    Your name / logo / banner placed on our website and social networks as the main sponsor of the new  Eagleheart album. Your logo will appear on the last page of the booklet for the new album. Of course we'll send you a physical copy of the album on CD, too.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 195.31
    (CZK 5,000)