Solid tie-rods for the Turbovna house

The Turbovna house on the town square of Úterý will become a community center with a café for locals and visitors, but it needs reinforcing with steel tie-rods. Following two successful fund-raising campaigns, we turn to you once again for your support!

  • Entrance to Turbovna

  • New roof, courtyard entrance arch and window

  • The tie-rods will be installed under this floor

  • … and under a part of the adjacent room’s floor

  • This is what it looks like from below

  • Detail of the ceiling of the “upper cellar”

  • The upper cellar is level with the terrain

  • Work is underway deeper down in the cellar

  • The courtyard where film are screened in summer

  • The oldest layers of plaster in the museum room

  • Overlapping layers of plaster in the museum room

  • An Art Nouveau decorative strip in the museum room

  • A rock layer under the floor of the museum room

  • Turbovna from the south

  • Our first voluntary work on the house in 2015

  • The agreeable authors of one of the rewards

  • Unique T-shirt with original image of Turbovna

  • Ceramic soap holders

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Úterý, Plzeň Region, Czechia

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If you find this moment the worst possible timing for a crowdfunding campaign, you are probably right. Covid has taken a toll on our household budgets and our willingness to spend money, Christmas is approaching… But all the same, we have to take the risk. The Turbovna restoration project is so much underway now that there is simply no stopping and waiting. At the end of November, construction and reconstruction work began simultaneously in three areas of the house that will enable us next year to launch the largest building project so far, which will result in the complete restoration of the interiors of both of the building’s ground-floor wings. We are at a turning point – up to now we have put nearly all our energy into such things as structurally stabilizing parts of the building and repairing the roof, which of course are necessary, but let’s face it – this alone will not make for a cozy interior space that will please and warm a visitor’s heart and soul. Starting next year, a new stage will begin in which the hitherto invested efforts will pay off and the Turbovna house will be transformed from a building site to a welcoming place open to everyone.

However, to do so we must reinforce the building’s stability with solid steel tie-rods that will be inserted under the floor of the ground level and anchored in the perimeter walls. We are hoping to raise some of the money still needed for this cost-demanding operation through this crowdfunding project. Please help us do so!

How did it all begin?

Turbovna is a house situated on the corner of Úterý’s main square, it has earned its name after its last German owners – the Turba family that left the house in 1946. Since then, the house has not been permanently inhabited, several consecutive owners used it for recreation but it was never properly restored. What’s more, the cellars were badly affected by leakage from an adjoining plot where a small house had collapsed, which gradually undermined the building’s structural stability. Turbovna’s postwar fate is similar to that of several other historically precious houses in Úterý. They are beautiful, they are witness to the town’s medieval prosperity but their repairs and upkeep are very costly. And so a part of the valuable Conservation Area of this small town in the Czech Republic’s former Sudetenland continues to fall into disrepair.

Our local association Bart bought the Turbovna house in 2015 in a distressed auction sale and has been gradually renovating it and bringing it back to life. In the past years we managed to complete the reconstruction of the roof frame and roof covering, to rebuild the west elevation’s gable wall, to reinforce and partially re-erect the vaulted ceilings of the cellars and to restore the first, so-called meeting room. Overall, we managed to raise and invest into the house’s repairs 4.3 million CZK (some 200,000 USD), with a matching sum already lined up for next year’s restoration projects. We raised the generous sum of 390,142 CZK thanks to two previous successful crowdfunding projects on the Hithit website portal. We give our heartfelt thanks to all those generous donors.

Our objective

It is our objective to carry the reconstruction of the dominant landmark on Úterý’s main square to a successful conclusion. We wish to create in the building a hospitable meeting place for both locals and tourists. Turbovna will house a small café and a museum and offer a variety of social events and activities. 

This year’s project

What does this year’s building activity involve and why is it necessary? The building’s foundations stands on an unstable bedrock – a very soft mica schist. Over the past decades, the house was affected by leakage from the uncovered adjacent plot. This caused the disruption of the building’s structural stability. We have already been able to cover those crucial places and this year, together with the ongoing repair work in the cellars, the house has to be structurally reinforced using steel tie-rods. It is precisely this structural reinforcement and our need to raise funds to ensure our association’s co-financing of this building project that this Hithit campaign is focused on.

In the present stage of work, the first five 22mm-diameter S670H steel tie-rods will be installed beneath the floor of the ground level (in the south-facing wing of the building) that will tie up all four perimeter walls. Together with their installation, the supporting frame of this part of the rooms’ floors will be strengthened. All of this will be done according to the instructions of an authorized structural engineer. The work has begun in November and should be finished by the end of the year.

This year we have also launched preparatory work for the renovation of the future museum hall located in the north-facing wing of the building. An examination of its historical plastering has brought some interesting findings. The oldest samples of the plaster date probably to the Baroque era, the later layers come from the Art Nouveau period and the early 20th century. We are giving careful consideration to what to do with this “treasure” recently discovered during the renovation work. You will find images of the historical plaster samples in the accompanying photographs.

Who are we?

The association Úterský spolek Bart was founded in 2000 and during its existence it has organized scores of concerts, art exhibitions and other community and social events and activities. Bart has played a decisive role in the successful renovation of the Baroque organ in the local St. John the Baptist’s Church. From 2012 it holds the annual Úterý Organ Masterclass and from 2016 the B-Art Family Arts and Crafts Festival. The association’s members (both local and out-of-town) feel a close attachment to Úterý and are eager to make the potential of this magically beautiful locality flourish.

This year has by no means been easy for anyone. Yet despite all the obstacles, in keeping with the valid hygienic regulations, we managed to organize the ninth annual organ masterclass and the fifth annual B-Art festival, and to host three screenings of travel photos and films in Turbovna’s courtyard. And the traditional jazz evening performance of the Prague Rhythm Kings band held in the church courtyard was yet another great success.

Why do we do it?


We continue to believe that it is the right thing to care about our surroundings, and to work towards the improvement of our environment and thus also of interpersonal relations. To finance the house restoration we are completely dependent on the donations of individual donors and funding from the town’s local administration, the regional authorities and government grants. The grants always require partial co-funding from the grantee. We have managed to raise these much-needed funds twice already on Hithit, which is why we hope that you will support us the third time. We shall never give up!!


Choose reward for your contribution

  • 10 Good feeling

    Do you wish to help us tie up the Turbovna house and want nothing in exchange? Then this option is tailor-made just for you! Thank you.

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 3.80
    (CZK 100)
  • 5 Greeting card from the parish house

    A one-of-a-kind handmade Christmas greeting card from the Úterý parish house that you
    can send to your friends. Should there be a slight logistics delay, the card can serve as a New Year’s well-wishing card :-). Every piece is an original work of art! We will deliver it to you by snail mail. Please add EUR 5 for postage in case of international delivery.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 7.60
    (CZK 200)
  • 10 Postcard from Úterý

    When was the last time you received a classical postcard through the mail? Now you have the ideal opportunity to receive one. We will send a postcard with a personalized thank-you directly to your home address.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 11.40
    (CZK 300)
  • 26 from 30 T-shirt JSEM NA SPADNUTÍ (I’m about to go under)

    Have you had enough? Or do you simply like the banner that hangs on the Turbovna house and wish to support us also in another way than only through your kind financial contribution and will be happy to readily answer the questions of passers-by as to what is that slogan on your T-shirt? A fine-quality black T-shirt with a yellow-print image can be all yours! We will contact you for T-shirt size specifications. The T-shirt will be sent by mail; please add EUR 20 for postage in case of international shipping.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 13.31
    (CZK 350)
  • 6 Guided tour of Turbovna

    Are you curious to know how we have moved on with the work on rescuing the house? What the stabilized areas in the cellar and the new roof truss look like? What we have in our recently renovated meeting room, what type of tiles will adorn the WC and where we plan to hold exhibitions and informal talks? You can learn all of this and much more during a guided tour of Turbovna that will be given by one of our enthusiastic members. We will arrange the tour’s date with you individually.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 15.21
    (CZK 400)
  • 4 Organic soap

    The Turbovna restoration project is moving like (well-soaped) lightning! Actually, in days
    bygone the building used to be a soap manufactory. Today, our association collaborates with Amálčina mydlárna at Krasíkov that provides us with hand-made organic soap. The images of Úterý’s historic monuments on the bar soap wrappings are the work of one of Bart’s members. What picture and what aroma will be yours? Let that be a surprise! We will send you the soap bar by mail. Please add EUR 20 for postage in case of international shipping.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 19.01
    (CZK 500)
  • 7 Original T-shirt with a picture of Turbovna

    A hand-printed T-shirt with a designer linocut picture of the Turbovna house is a new
    addition to this year’s gift collection. You will find the image in the photogallery. We will be happy to consult you about the color of the T-shirt and of the printed image, and will send you the freshly-made T-shirt including a special tag to go with it by mail. Please add EUR 20 for postage in case of international shipping. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind product! The T-shirts also come with long sleeves.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 26.61
    (CZK 700)
  • 3 Ceramic soap holder + organic soap

    An artisan ceramic soap holder that will embellish your bathroom or will be an ideal
    present for whomever appreciates fine-quality craftsmanship. You will find a photo of these
    soap holders in the photogallery. We will send the soap holder packaged in wrapping paper with a motif of the Turbovna house along with a bar of organic soap directly to your address. Please add EUR 20 for postage in case of international shipping.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 30.41
    (CZK 800)
  • 6 Collection of organic soaps

    Do you want to be certain that you have the complete collection of our soaps? Or an
    interesting present for someone who relishes soap lather? The collection of four pieces of
    organic soap made at Amálčina mýdlárna at Krasíkov packaged in wrapping paper decorated with original images of Úterý in gift packaging is a perfect Christmas present for your bathroom. We will deliver it to you by mail. Please add EUR 20 for postage in case of
    international shipping.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 45.62
    (CZK 1,200)
  • 0 Wall plaster

    During the reconstruction work in the future museum-cum-exhibition hall, we discovered
    several layers of historical ornamental plaster. Would you like a sample to decorate the walls of your room? In the form of a limited edition of photographic prints, you can now have a piece of the Turbovna house in your own home. We will consult you on the size and form of the picture that will best suit your home interior, and specify the form of delivery and the additional postage costs if sending internationally by mail.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 68.43
    (CZK 1,800)
  • 17 from 20 Family garden center workshop

    As the ranks of our fans and supporters are ever growing, we can now also offer you a trip
    outside Úterý. You may choose between a conifer grafting workshop that will take place in
    the second half of February under the guidance of the seasoned gardener Robert, or a
    perennial sowing workshop to be held in the first half of January under the guidance of the
    flower aficionado Hana. The 60–90-minute-long workshops will be offered in a pleasant
    family garden center. Your gardening experience will be complemented by a nice cup of tea or coffee and light refreshments :-).

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 76.03
    (CZK 2,000)
  • 1 Walk around Úterý (and its vicinities)

    We will be happy to take lovers of historic architecture, nature and/or hiking on a shorter or
    longer, winter or spring hike around Úterý and/or its surroundings during which one of
    our enthusiastic members will tell you (almost) everything you wish to learn about the place. Let us know if you have any special wishes regarding the choice of a specific route or destination, or the accompaniment of a particular member in the role of guide!

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 190.08
    (CZK 5,000)
  • 3 Reitenberger Water Spring + home-laid eggs and home-grown vegetables

    A hefty amount of local foods directly from Úterý and its vicinity in the form of a small crate
    of bio-vegetables, ten eggs laid by home-raised chickens and natural spring water from
    the nearby Reitenberger spring in a glass bottle. All of this will be delivered nice and fresh
    all the way to your doorstep. You will find a photo of happy chickens in the photogallery. This item is not available for international shipping.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 380.16
    (CZK 10,000)
  • Sold out!! Portrait of the kind donor

    An original, painted portrait of the donor, created by one of the artistically-gifted female
    members or supporters of our audacious association. If you aren’t necessarily a fan of the fine arts, you may choose an alternative form of this reward, that of “painting yourself black and blue” in the local pub in the merry company of some of the members or supporters or our association.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 760.31
    (CZK 20,000)