Veronika Vítová vydává debutové CD

I am a singer-songwriter and founder of the vocal group Skety. I love both jazz and classical music and am a member of many music projects across various genres. And now one of my great dreams as a musician has come true: to release a CD of my own music.

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What is my goal?

My goal is to make a CD capturing the essence of who I am, exactly the way I am, right here and now. A CD that will bring together the diversity of artistic influences that have surrounded me all my life. I compose my songs at the piano, and I find inspiration in the prose and poetry of various authors.

My personal journey

I've been singing since childhood. I was a member of the Bambini di Praga children's choir and I also sang with the Kühn Mixed Choir for some time. I've had my own country folk music band and a jazz band, too. But fulfilling my vision of making music on a professional level only became possible after I started to study at the specialized jazz department of the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague. Since then I've worked with many bands and undertaken many projects. The closest to my heart, as well as the most successful, has been the vocal ensemble Skety, which I founded, and which embarked and has continued on its own unique musical journey. Outside of Skety, I've been busy teaching singing at the Conservatory of Jan Deyl in Prague, am often featured as a guest with the Jazz Dock Orchestra or Orchestr Berg (a modern classical ensemble) and am also busy with my newly formed choir Ego Singers and other smaller projects. Now the time has come for me to develop a project about my own music and record my own songs. I've invited some of the best players from several countries who are close to me not only on a musical but also on a personal level. I hope that the best part of me will come out in the essence of this CD. You can listen to a live recording on Soundcloud. My compositions will appear on the CD in carefully made arrangements, some of which are my own while for others I’ve also collaborated with composers and jazz musicians including Petr Wajsar, Jan Jirucha, Petr Kalfus and Andy Schofield (of the Jazz Dock Orchestra).

Why am I doing this?

Composing my own music and immersing myself in creating something original has been the most fulfilling musical experience of my life. To make one's own CD is an absolute must for a musician since it is one of the main ways to become better known. For a musician, it serves far better than a business card. But at the same time, it is a costly undertaking for an independent artist. Since the CDs in their physical form are sold almost exclusively at concerts, the artist invests without any hope of financial return. That's why I've decided to call on you - my friends, fans and also all of you unknown philanthropists and potential sponsors - to help me finance and bring into being an outstanding project of original music without any limitations.


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  • 7 Just For The Hell Of It

    I want to support the making of this CD just for the sheer joy of doing so. I will happily skip my cup of flat white today.

    Reward delivery: In a week

    EUR 5.99
    (CZK 150)
  • 40 Let's Go Electronic

    Whoever has a CD player these days? C'mon, let's go completely electronic!!

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 7.98
    (CZK 200)
  • 0 Snail-Mailed Poster

    I love signed posters! ...and taking risks with Česká pošta (mail service) :D

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 9.98
    (CZK 250)
  • 10 Let's Have A Beer

    What a great excuse to see Veronika! Especially if the beer is on her :D If there's more of us, it's bound to be a great party!

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 13.97
    (CZK 350)
  • 12 Something Physical - CD Pickup

    I just want to pick up a signed copy of this CD at Veronika's concert - someday it will be worth a fortune! :D

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 17.96
    (CZK 450)
  • 4 Something Physical - CD By Snail Mail

    I want a signed copy of this CD. Having it sent via snail mail will do.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 21.95
    (CZK 550)
  • 6 from 10 Singing Lesson

    Yeah, I really want to (un)learn how to sing. Veronika gives 60-minute private lessons specializing in pop and jazz interpretation.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 31.92
    (CZK 800)
  • Sold out!! Singing Lesson

    Yeah, I really want to (un)learn how to sing. Veronika gives 60-minute private lessons specializing in pop and jazz interpretation.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 31.92
    (CZK 800)
  • 11 CD and Let's Plant Some Trees!

    Yes, I'm an eco-terrorist, always searching for ways to help the planet. will help us plant 10-15 trees in Prague-Slivenec. All info on the number of trees planted and their GPS location and certificate will be available on the website.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 35.91
    (CZK 900)
  • 2 from 10 Signed CD + 2 Release Party Tickets

    I love going to concerts and need a signed copy of this CD. Place and time of the release party T.B.A.!

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 37.91
    (CZK 950)
  • 24 from 50 Roof-Top Concert @Lucerna Palace

    I can't miss this exclusive hipster-like experience on the rarely accessible roof of the famous
    First Republic Lucerna Palace in downtown Prague on September 22, 2019! Everything about it makes it a one-time opportunity: Veronika's concert, the view from the roof terrace as well as the prosecco welcome drink ;-)

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 39.90
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 25 from 30 Wine Tasting And Concert

    A real must-have: an intimate concert plus some great wine in the magic atmosphere of the Božská lahvice winery and cafe in downtown Prague!

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 59.86
    (CZK 1,500)
  • 3 from 5 Private Workshop For Your A cappella

    I have an a cappella group and am always searching for new things to discover about the genre. Veronika founded the multi-award-winning acappella sextet Skety. The group has organized
    many workshops, including the Prague A Cappella Festival which serves as an international learning and concert platform. Workshops for existing groups take three hours. If travel is needed, I am happy to pay some extra cash.


    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 119.71
    (CZK 3,000)
  • 6 Small Sponsor

    I love music and want to support the creation of something new. The gift in it for me will be a simple "thank you" on the back cover of the CD.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 199.52
    (CZK 5,000)
  • 2 from 3 Performance @Your Event

    I am organizing an event/party and I just need a great band to make it complete. A 45-minute performance. Choice of repertoire available: jazz/pop/originals. If travel is needed, I am happy to pay some extra cash.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 598.56
    (CZK 15,000)
  • 3 from 3 Home Concert

    I suffer from a fear of open spaces and people. My preferred choice is a couch concert at my home.
     There is no need for me to look for sound equipment, Veronika will bring everything. She looks forward to playing for me and all of my real and imaginary friends in the peace and quiet of my home. If I happen to feel like I really don't want to see anyone on that day, she can even sing from behind a folding screen :D If travel is needed, I am happy to pay some extra cash.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 598.56
    (CZK 15,000)
  • 3 from 3 Godfather/Godmother Contribution

    I love music and want to support the creation of something new and interesting. I'll be honored to christen the new CD on stage. My name will also be mentioned on the CD back cover. I will also receive a signed copy and two tickets for the release party.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 718.28
    (CZK 18,000)
  • 5 from 5 Greater Contribution

    I am passionate about music and love supporting creative projects. As a larger sponsor I will receive two tickets for the release party and two signed CDs. I will christen the CD on stage and my name will be mentioned on the back cover.

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 997.61
    (CZK 25,000)
  • 1 from 1 Chief Sponsor

    I love music more than anything in the world and would like to support this interesting project. The new CD will bear a name I will come up with. I will receive two tickets for the release party, two signed CDs, two signed posters and free entry (1+1) to any concert by Veronika for one year, beginning the day of the release party. I will christen the CD on stage and will be mentioned on the back cover as the chief sponsor of the project.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 5,985.63
    (CZK 150,000)