The Prophet of the Wind – a multigenre project

Back up a multigenre project called The Prophet of the Wind telling a story about Natan and which is the first music performance based on the eponymous novel by S. Biavaschi. The author of the project, music and the main protagonist is Martina Komínková.

  • Together with the director Emanuela Pantano.

  • Meeting with videoprojection creator, Marta Carino

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How it started

About 10 years ago, Martina, who is a recorder player and the author of the project, found a book called The Prophet and the Wind written by a contemporary Italian author Stefano Biavaschi. Considering her profession, she was fascinated by the story about Natan, the flutist, from the very beginning and the book itself inspired her to plan and create an author music project which is expected to have a premiere both in the CR and in Italy. In 2017 Martina contacted Stefano Biavaschi, the author of the book, straight away, and he was excited about her idea. He told her that he had not had a chance to meet an Italian flutist who would want to introduce his story by means of music yet. 

What is our goal?

We would like to offer all spectators and listeners an intensive artistic experience which would allow them to stop and be engulfed with music, words and a visual projection. By means of the single performances, we aim to provide people with some space for contemplation of their life, direction and life goal. Moreover, to provide them with a space for the perception of beauty and the path to knowledge.


Each performance will be really unique thanks to a partial musical improvisation. The music, interpreted live by Martina, is composed in accordance with some excerpts from the novel. During her performance, Martina will take advantage of a various range of recorders, vocals and some unusual musical instruments such as Koshi chimes. Besides the improvisation, she will use some Delay music techniques and effects. The excerpts from The Prophet of the Wind will be produced by means of pre-recorded declamations. The given texts originate from everyday experience and feelings of ordinary people. The content may touch anybody, even though in a different way. 
The performance will start with Natan, the prophet, struggling with his loss of inspiration and sense of his mission. What is crucial for the first part of the story are three dark elements: Pain, Clouds and Oblivion. In the second part, everything bad will turn into good, Natan will finally see the light and the darkness will be exchanged for Knowledge, Truth and Freedom. The atmosphere of the whole story is completed by the single video projections. 

... moreover

The music part of The Prophet of the Wind is composed by Martina. Each tone completes and supports the texts from the novel. Within the live performance she will take advantage of several musical instruments and vocals. 

Who we are?

Martina is a recorder player (flutist) and a teacher who prefers to create something brand new to reproducing other compositions. She has been playing the recorder since her childhood and after finishing her studies of the flute at the Music Conservatory in Brno she started to deal with the recorder professionally. She also continued with her studies of the recorder at universities in Brno, Hamburg, Krakow and Linz. 
She usually performs at concerts together with other musicians (a recorder quartet called Flautas de Colores, with bayan in Duetto nuovo, the orchestra of Czech Virtuosi and others). Moreover, she has been sharing her rich experience with other musicians, both students and teachers. 
In 2014 she recorded a successful album with Flautas de Colores, being a success in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. 
She has recently been focusing on the improvisation technique in a minimalistic style by means of the Delay effects and it is also this technique which she will use in her programme The Prophet of the Wind. 
The execution phase of this project is supported by Hudba v nas, a non-profitable organisation.

Reasons why we do that?

There is a long path leading from the first idea up to its execution. To be able to present Natan, the prophet, to the Czech and Italian audience, we need a lot of energy and time as well as financial means and support. We believe that we can also manage more in a group than as a single person and, therefore, we would like to ask all our friends, aquaintances and fans to support our project. The money obtained will be used as a salary for our director, the video projection creator and for making audio recordings. Moreover, it will be spent on the two performances, the Italian premiere on 2 June and the Czech premiere in autumn 2019 in Brno.


May 27, 2019 We did it. Thanks to you! 100% completed!

100% completed! 105 000CZK (EUR 4,064)! You are amazing. Thanks to all of you for any kind of support, small or big. You are great. We have more than 2 days to finish the campaign and there are still some interesting rewards. Please tell about us to others about our rewards. There is the last flut…



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    You can find more information about my lessons on my website.

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    Become the organizer of the mini-performance Prophet of the Wind. I have prepared for you a chamber version. I will perform this in your home or elsewhere you invite me. This performance is very suitable for early evening accompanied by candlelights. You will hear about 20 minutes of text selection accompanied by flutes.
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    We will prepare the rest, together with you we will agree on how long you want to listen to us, etc. We will add an interesting comment, which you would not hear at a classical concert. After the concert, there is space to answer the other visitors' curiosity with some good wine, beer or lemonade.
    You will be amazed how live music can make your party remarkable and unique experience.

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    Aka what the recorder is able to do and you have not seen and heard yet, including an engaging story about the recorder and the performed compositions. It will be my pleasure to come to your house and play for you and your friends. (The reward includes transport around Brno and its vicinity, further places will be discussed)

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    (More about our ensembles.)

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