The Silver Spoons go to Hollywood!

Help The Silver Spoons record and film their first 3 singles with a Rolling Stones producer in Hollywood.

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Our story

We are The Silver Spoons and we originally started as a family band, consisting of three brothers and a sister in 2014 in Louny, where our English parents moved in 2002. We then moved the band to Prague and have been actively playing all accross the Czech Republic from countryside dive bars through Žižkov undergrounds up to big Czech festivals. After a few personnel changes, something unreal happened to us...we got noticed by a renowned american producer (Rolling Stones, U2, Alice Cooper, Busta Rhymes, etc.) that invited us to go record 3 new songs with him in Los Angeles! He will be doing it practically for free as he believes that "the songs could have a serious impact" but since we don't have sponsors nor have we sold ourselves to a label, we will be paying for the other costs out of our own pockets. That's why we are starting this campaign, to cover at least part of the costs. We still have a long way to go if we want to afford this and to record the upcoming debut album, and we will be insanely grateful for your help!

What do we need the money for?

The money you will contribute will be used for:

  • Studio time in Studio City, Los Angeles, California
  • Paying the sound engineer in the studio
  • Flights and cheap accommodation in LA
  • Costs of filming subsequent video clips 
  • Potentially getting proper equipment to band members

... and something more

In exchange for your donations, we would like to offer symbolic gifts and moments with us. Also we will go on a limb and promise you that WE WON’T DISAPPOINT YOU!


Choose reward for your contribution

  • 18 Song for your contribution

    In exchange for your contribution we will send you our new singles by email, always before their official release. 

    Feel free to pay more! :)

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 7.84
    (CZK 200)
  • 10 Badge The Silver Spoons + singles

    A New Badge which you can pick up at any of our future concerts.

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 9.80
    (CZK 250)
  • 12 Bag The Silver Spoons + singles

    Buy a Silver Spoons bag.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 15.67
    (CZK 400)
  • 20 T-shirt The Silver Spoons + singles

    Buy a Silver Spoons t-shirt with the new design.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 19.59
    (CZK 500)
  • 3 from 5 Signed pick or sticks from a concert + single

    The title says it all, but you have to be at the concert. :)

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 19.59
    (CZK 500)
  • 5 Coffee or beer with one of the guys + singles

    Go for "one" with your favorite band member. Write us down in the note who you want to go with and leave your contact so he can get in touch with you!

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 23.51
    (CZK 600)
  • 0 Thank you during gig + singles

    We will thank you for your contribution during a live performance.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 23.51
    (CZK 600)
  • 10 from 10 Dinner or lunch + singles

    Invite one of us for dinner and don't worry, we go Dutch. :) Leave us in the note your contact and which one of us you want to invite.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 31.35
    (CZK 800)
  • 9 from 10 Singing or playing lesson + singles

    Pick a musician and an instrument and learn something new from the guys! This goes for all levels, from Jimi Hendrix to reigning air-guitar champion. 

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 39.18
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 2 from 5 We will hand-write a poem for or about you + singles

    Tell us who you are and we will send you a handwritten poem for or about you. 

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 39.18
    (CZK 1,000)
  • Sold out!! Song about you + singles

    Tell us something about you and we will write a short song that we will record and post on FB.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 78.37
    (CZK 2,000)
  • 1 from 3 Become a roadie + singles

    Contribute this sum and experience from the bands perspective our next gig in CZ or SK  

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 195.92
    (CZK 5,000)
  • 5 from 5 Cameo in our video + singles

    Contribute this sum and appear in our next video that we will share with the world!

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 195.92
    (CZK 5,000)
  • 5 from 5 Private acoustic concert + singles

    Private acoustic concert at your party or at your home.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 391.85
    (CZK 10,000)
  • Sold out!! Horse riding lessons with Augustin + singles

    Spend a whole day in the Czech countryside with the band's frontman Augustine, and get a riding lesson from him. We will provide the horses, of course. ;) 

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 783.70
    (CZK 20,000)
  • 1 Become a sponsor + singles

    For this contribution you will become an official sponsor on the band's debut album and we will thank you directly on it! And here also: THANK YOU! 

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 1,175.55
    (CZK 30,000)