We need DIFFERENT instruments

We are an orchestra composed by young enthusiastic musicians who have decided to work on their own. We need to buy our own music instruments because we want to exist!

Author: Police Symphony

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Police nad Metují, Královéhradecký kraj, Česká republika

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About us and our project

We are an orchestra composed by young enthusiastic musicians who have decided to work on their own. We need to buy instruments such as timpani, marimba, piano and bass drum as well as music stands, covers for the instruments and sheet music. 

It's been almost 7 years since we were under the protection of a music school ZUŠ Police nad Metují, who borrowed us their instruments, space and other equipment. It's very hard to put together the schedule of a music school lessons, two orchestras and few other grouping, all of them in need of those instruments. In addition, ZUŠ and its instruments will move to a new building and we'll stay with the old space we need to equip.

We want to raise 360 000 CZK ($14,500). That would help us to buy the most important equipment to be able to work on our own and improve our conditions and those of the music school. Help us together to raise this money and we'll carry on providing you energy, happiness and enthusiasm for the music.

We need urgently:

Timpani (min. 2pcs): 70 000 + 60 000 CZK 

Marimba: 60 000 CZK

Piano: 30 000 CZK

Bass drum: 40 000 CZK

Percussion: 20 000 CZK

Music stands (min. 45pcs): 60 000 CZK

Music stand cases: 10 000 CZK

Instrument cases: 20 000 CZK

Sheet music: 5 500


* These are the estimate prices, the final ones might vary slightly.*

Pictures from the orchestra's life

Our hometown is Police nad Metují, where we were founded in 2010 by siblings Jakub and Petra Soukup. Nowadays we have fifty-seven members. We enjoy playing different kinds of music from the classical to pop and rock, and even film scores. We have performed over fifty concerts, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We've performed with Dasha, Ondřej Ruml, Martin Kumžák, Marta Kubišková, Miloň Čepelka, Petr Janda, Václav Zahradník, Stanislav Vavřínek and many others. We also enjoy organizing unusual concerts and supporting good causes!

Why we're asking for your help?

We're not under any town or region administration, which are the usual sponsors of orchestras. We're self-funded and doing our best and so we decided one day to reach out to our audience and we believe that with your help we can succeed in our fundraising goal. Every koruna/euro counts!


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    Good feeling

    Send us 100 CZK (about $4) or even more – may your reward be your peaceful soul and a good feeling.

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 4.11
    (CZK 100)
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    Fitness Run with Katie

    Light jog in nature with our company trainer and a fitness blogger. Warning: In order to keep the right pace, she sings loudly and plays barytone saxophone.

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 8.21
    (CZK 200)
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    You can touch Saša´s hair-do

    As soft as the softest sheep’s wool or coarse and prickly as a steel wool?  Don’t even think twice and touch Sasa’s hair-do!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 8.21
    (CZK 200)
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    Lunch in university canteen with Elena

    Do you get hungry while listening to great music? So don´t hesitate and support our orchestra! Elena, the flute player, will accompany you for lunch in a restaurant of your choice.

    (Cost of your lunch is not included in the contribution amount)

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 8.21
    (CZK 200)
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    Designer PSO shopping bag

    Stylish, cloth, handy – fits perfectly with any occasion or clothes. For men, women, children and even dogs!

    Reward delivery: on address, in a quarter after the Hithit project end

    EUR 12.32
    (CZK 300)
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    Toulky stověžatou Prahou s Májou

    Ponoř se do sna při dlouhých procházkách malebnými uličkami naší matičky Prahy. Houslistka Mája tě v mluvě české či anglické provede tam, kdes ještě nešel a poví ti to, co určitě ještě nevíš. Pojď a presvedč se!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 12.32
    (CZK 300)
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    Ticket to the first concert with new musical instruments

    It will take us some time to get what we need because it´s just not that easy. We´ll see how many of you would be interested in this event - we´ll organize a concert of our and your dreams in the fall of 2017 hopefully. The exact date will be announced during Christmas time.

    Singer: Ondřej Ruml

    And more! It is gonna be awesome!
    If you want two or more tickets, enter the amount according to the number of tickets. And we’ll gladly reserve them for you!

    Reward delivery: in a year after the Hithit project end

    EUR 14.78
    (CZK 360)
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    Our CD

    Adopt one of our first babies. It is diverse and it will enrich your music collection by lots of genres.

    Reward delivery: on address, in a quarter after the Hithit project end

    EUR 16.42
    (CZK 400)
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    PSO Package

    Shopping bag, CD and 3 different badges – basic gear of our real fan. A must-have!

    Reward delivery: on address, in a quarter after the Hithit project end

    EUR 26.68
    (CZK 650)
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    Conduct us

    Every child wishes, when they grow up, to become a garbage man, an astronaut or even a conductor … if the third option is your choice, then come on and lead us!

    Reward delivery: in a year after the Hithit project end

    EUR 28.74
    (CZK 700)
  • remaining 16 from 20
    Experience a concert among us

    Are you curious what it’s like? Are you tempted to see the conductor, sound man and the orchestra from the other side? Experience it! See how the orchestra pit is built up, feel the pre-concert rehearsal atmosphere and listen to the concert from the backstage or even right among us!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 36.95
    (CZK 900)
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    Buy us a new music stand

    It will carry your name so you will recognize it easily and moreover you can come any time and pet it.

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 41.05
    (CZK 1,000)
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    Private music lesson

    Are you dreaming of a private lesson how to play one of the instruments we play? Get this reward for yourself and we´ll fulfill your dream!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 49.26
    (CZK 1,200)
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    Season Ticket for all 2017 concerts

    Get yourself a season ticket to see all our 2017 concerts and rehearsals.

    Reward delivery: on address, in a month after the Hithit project end

    EUR 96.88
    (CZK 2,360)
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    MINI PSO orchestra at your event (+transport)

    Are you planning a wedding, birthday celebration or a music-filled evening with friends? We´ll play in an intimate music setting just for you.

    (1 hour)

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 143.68
    (CZK 3,500)
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    Give us an evergreen

    We love to play new famous hits that entertain both you and us. We´ll get one song from our wish list arranged per your choice.

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 225.78
    (CZK 5,500)
  • remaining 5 from 5

    Surprise us with a brand new place where we haven’t performed yet!

    PS: Our 57-head orchestra needs to get to that place and needs to be fed as well! So we hope you own a bus and a restaurant as well!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 1,642.04
    (CZK 40,000)
  • Sold out!!
    Come for a tour with us!

    When? 6/30 - 7/9/2017

    Where? Denmark

    Food, accommodation and transport included.

    You´ll experience an amazing ride with us!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 287.36
    (CZK 7,000)
  • Sold out!!
    Become our patron

    Support us with 25.000-30.000 CZK and your logo will be displayed on all promotional materials in 2017. You´ll receive 2 VIP tickets to all 2017 concerts!

    Support us with more than 30.000 CZK and your logo will be displayed on all promotional materials in both 2017 and 2018. You´ll get 2 VIP tickets to all 2017 and 2018 concerts!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 1,026.27
    (CZK 25,000)
  • Sold out!!
    Become our lifetime partner

    Help us function for as long as we live and we´ll place your logo on all promotional materials we create. You´ll be seen everywhere possible – in the CR and abroad - we will pamper you! You´ll also receive two lifetime tickets and you will be able to come to all our private events!

    Reward delivery: not specified

    EUR 4,105.09
    (CZK 100,000)