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I am an author

Why are the money coming back?

All or nothing – this is the protection for both authors and backers. Author does not have to solve (in case of fail) rewards that he may not be able to pay for and backer can support project without any concern. Plus the increasing percentage works as a great motivation for backers. With every other percent, project becomes more interesting for wider group of backers.

How long does it take to publish a project?

Sneaky question. One day or even two weeks.

It all depends on how prepared the project is. After you fill all the project information, put great pictures into it and maybe a video, irresistible rewards and brightly set the final amount and propagation, you send it to us for approval. We will check your project and maybe we will come with some ideas how to make it even better – after all, we saw few projects already. We have 3 days for all of this. After we approve the project, it can be published or we will send the project back to you with our feedback.

What is going to happen after the project proposal is created?

You will get contacted within 3 days with project proposal acceptance or rejection. After proposal acceptance you can start to create a project page. Finished project have to be sent for approval. Moderator will give you feedback. You might repeat this process several times. Once your project has been approved by moderator it is ready to be published. Project can be published automatically after approval or manually by the author.

Do I have to got a video?

No, but project with video are just more successful. Isn´t it nice to see who the author is?

I have a video, but I can not see it!

Video did upload on our Youtube and is private, so no one could see it until we publish the project. You should see „Video is uploading on Youtube“ and afterwards „Video is private“. If you are not able to upload video at all, please, let us know at info@hithit.cz.

Can I make changes even after the project is published?

Yes! Or well, some. You can edit detail text, video, pictures and upload new rewards. On the other hand you can not change already published rewards, final amount, duration of the project and its name. Attention: Any change to a running project is subject to the approval of your project moderator. We will not approve it for you on weekends or in the middle of the night.

Can my project be in English?

Yes! You can have multiple language mutations. In addition to Czech, the entire website and payment gateway are also available in English and Slovak, and based on the selected language, they also display the currency. Let us know at info@hithit.cz if you are interested in another language version.

The second language mutation cannot be created by simply switching the website to another language using the flag in the upper right menu. We will create a template for a new language version of the project for you at your request, after approval, but before launching your project in the Czech or Slovak language. You then translate the project and we have to approve this translation for you again. Both versions must be identical in content and composition of rewards.

Can I receive money in different currencies?

Yes and no. When creating a project, you can choose whether the payment gateway will accept payments in Czech crowns or euros. You can only choose one option. To transfer money upon successful end of the project, you should have an account in the same currency, so you will avoid possible additional fees from your bank for conversion.

Likewise, for payment by bank transfer, it is advisable that your contributors have an account in the given currency. Of course, when paying by card, it does not matter in which currency your contributors' bank account is. In addition, our payment gateway can only accept payments with cards issued in the EU.

When receiving money in Czech crowns, Hithit will show contributors coming from foreign countries an approximate conversion to euros and vice versa. How much will be deducted from their bank account depends on the exchange rate of their bank.

When I will receive money?

Usually within 2 weeks after the project ends. Why so long? After the end of the project we are waiting 5 more days for payments (like bank transfers that were send at the end of the project and did not arrived on time).

Then, right before you become a moneybags, we will ask you for some paperwork. Our payment gateway provider needs to check everyone who is receiving money from successful project. It will be very helpful if the billing information, you are signing in for the project, will be the same as data of the account owner where the money should be send.

And what about taxes?

Money from crowdfunding campaign is income as any other, so you should do taxation. Definitely check with you accountant. We will prepare invoice where will be written how much you have earn and how much you paid to us, so you can use it for costs.

How long is the project active?

Exactly 30 or 45 days – 45 days is just the right time - long enough to inform your community and short enough for these people not to be fed up with the campaign. :-) Pick shorter, 30 day version, if it fits your schedule better or you are well prepared and want to have it all done quickly.

How much should I ask for?

Start with how much you really need. Definitely do not ask for less, because then you are in danger that you will not earn enough for your project and you will not be able to delivery promised rewards to your backers. To the needed amount add costs for the project itself, meaning our commission (max. 9%), bank charges and do not forget things as postage, envelopes, rent of pony for your video, advertising… In general we recommend adding 20%.

If you need any money, consider you promotion possibilities, you fan base and project friends. Of course the more people you have around, the higher amount you can ask for.

Do I have to be a legal entity?

Nope, you can be legal entity or natural person.

I am a citizen of a country other than the Czech or Slovak Republic

The author of the project can be a citizen of any EU country and, unfortunately, it is not enough to have a permanent residence within the EU countries. At Hithit, we would not insist on this condition, but the compliance department of the bank behind our payment gateway is relentless in this regard.

How can I know, what the anonymous backers have bought?

Give it a time. After successful end of the project you will get well-arranged list of all the backers with contact details and rewards they picked.

What is the reward?

Imagine your project as e-shop. And the rewards are goods that you offer there. Reward can be product, service, experience… Other way the reward can not be percentage from the income or for example share in the company. Always make clear what it is and how much it costs and make sure the price of the reward is equal to its value for the backer. And also make sure it is not too expensive and it will not take you much time to deliver.

Think the rewards wisely because after publishing project you will not be able to change them but you can add new ones.

The minimum amount of rewards per project is 4, preferable is 8 or more rewards.

How to distribute rewards?

It's up to you how you deliver rewards to your contributors. To make it easier for you to distribute and obtain the information you need, you can choose for each reward whether contributors should provide you with a shipping address or a billing address if they differ, and use that information with any distribution service. But because we know that one of the most popular ways of sending rewards is Zásilkovna, we have included it among the delivery options. Your contributors will choose the pick-up place to which they want to deliver the reward when purchasing the reward, and at the end of the project you will receive, in addition to the complete list of contributors, a file for easy import of selected branches and contacts for delivery directly to the Zásilkovna. You will have to create a user account in the Zásilkovna yourself. You can find more information and price list here .

Can I realize a charity project?

Yes and no. Project subject can be for sure non-profit but the form of project can not. It is important not to mess up crowdfunding on Hithit with public collection, which has completely different rules. So go ahead into thinking great rewards! We are sure you will have fun.

Paid ads?

Sure thing! We can prepare a tailor-made performance advertising campaign for you. If you work on ads yourself, we can link your Facebook pixel, Sklik or Google Ads tracking codes to your project page or create access to Google Analytics.

I want to be in the newsletter and on your social networks

To be honest, everyone would want that! We cannot promise you free promotion in advance. It is possible that your project will appear in newsletter and on our socials but it depends on many different circumstances. Of course we are always happy to help, but we are usually doing it at the very finish line. We take into account the % of money raised because we don't want to introduce projects to audience that are more likely to fail. For sure it also depends on what our own publication plan is, and last but not least on what are the other projects that are running with yours at the same time.

I am a backer

Why should I give you name and e-mail? Sign up?

We need your name and e-mail so we can make sure the reward you are buying will get to you. At the same time, you can follow what you have bought at your Hithit account. We do not want to spam you, it is no fun at all.

Why am I not in the backer´s list?

First of all, check if the payment was successful (at your Hithit account or in online banking). If so maybe you have skipped possibility of make your name public so you automatically became anonymous backer. Let us know at info@hithit.cz, we will fix it. Thanks a lot!

I did not receive authorization e-mail or new password.

Did you check spam? Nothing? Send us e-mail at info@hithit.cz and we will take care about it.

Why is the money coming back?

All or nothing – this is the protection for both authors and backers. Author does not have to solve (in case of fail) rewards that he may not be able to pay for and backer can support project without any concern.

Give me an account number and I will send it to you.

That would be pretty messy. Please, buy the rewards only through payment gateway, so all needed data will get to the author and you will receive reward you deserve.