How does it work

  1. Idea

    Do you have an authentic idea that you would like to bring to life? Great, you're in the right place at Hithit.

  2. Idea consultation

    Our moderators will be happy to discuss your idea and its suitability for reward based crowdfunding at Hithit. You do not commit to anything, you do not pay a dime and you can choose the form of consultation by yourself. Are you good at written communication? Write to us at Do you prefer a phone? In this case, feel free to call directly or make an appointment via our chatbot. And if you can't decide, write, we'll always make a deal. :)

  3. Project design

    Does your project plan fit into reward based crowdfunding? Great, send us a proposal for your project, where you will describe in a few sentences what you want to do at Hithit and what you plan to use the money for.

  4. Project preparation

    Project preparation is now in your hands. You have access to our web template, where you add all the necessary information, texts, videos, images, rewards… When you are ready to prepare the project, you send it to us for approval. Within three working days, you will get it back and provide you with advice and tips on how to improve the project so that it is as successful as possible. We have 10 years of experience behind us, together we will get the most out of your idea. :) (The equation is simple, without successful projects Hithit could not exist, because we only take a commission if you succeed.) Project preparation usually takes 1-2 weeks. Ideally, both parties are satisfied with the project and it can be published.

  5. Promotion

    Tell everyone about your project at Hithit. Share it on social networks, ask your friends, close and willing strangers to share it, take paid advertising into account, involve industry influencers, contact online media, introduce your family, friends, colleagues and everyone you meet. Ideally, tell the world about it before it is launched.

  6. Running project

    Promote, communicate, take good care of the project and (potential) backers and raise money. When all goes well, you reach the target amount and you can celebrate.

  7. Acknowledgments and rewards

    Thank the backers, throw yourself into the realisation of your idea and reward everyone who helped you fulfil your dream.

Do you have a great idea? So come execute it now.

Create a new project

What happens with the money?

  • The money arrives at a special account at our payment gateway provider, set up just for Hithit. Neither the project authors nor Hithit have access to them until the collection deadline.
  • Tell about the Hithit project to as many people as possible. Write it on Facebook, talk about it with friends, with colleagues. This will help the project a second time and increase the probability of its successful execution.
  • After the deadline for collecting money, Hithit evaluates whether the project was successful. When a project reaches or even exceeds its target amount, the author will receive the funds and send you the selected reward. If unsuccessful, Hithit will send the full money back to where it came from.