Tragédky on European Championships

The Dragon Boat female crew is going to fight for the medals at the European Championships in Spain in July 2019. However, we lack money for air tickets. We know how to win, but we need a financial support.

Author: DB Tragédky

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How did it begin?How did it begin?

We got together in the fall of 2005 and we are one of the oldest dragon boat teams in the Czech Republic. We are a purely female crew, we are called DB Tragédky – “Tragic girls” - and we are proud of it.

…Why “Tragic girls”?

14 years ago we couldn't agree on the name of the team for so long, that someone finally said we were TRAGIC and we have stayed with it. In fact, with this version of the story, we are hiding the other version, according to which it was not "easy" for us to board a boat in our early days

What is our goal?

Our achievement in the Czech Cup ranking in the latest season qualified us to participate in the 18th European Championship of Dragon Boat Clubs in Seville, Spain, which takes place from 25th to 28th July 2019. We will compete in the highest possible category of Premier Women on 200m, 500m and 2000m tracks. So far, we have invested hundreds of running kilometers into our training, a whole-morning workout in the gym and we have been freezing in water since March

Travel and attendance costs will exceed 350,000 czech crowns. Just the starting fee for the European Championship is 60 k Czech crowns, plus transport, accommodation… Because Seville is quite far away from Prague we have to travel by plane, so the cost is much higher than in the last years. For some of us, participation in the Championship is at risk due to costs, so we decided to reach you through Hithit. Your kind financial contributions will cover at least part of the cost of our tickets. Contribution of 100 k CZK would reduce our expense by 25%... and to be one-quarter lighter on the boat? Surely this can be felt on the boat!

What is Dragon boating?

Dragon boats are a collective sport. One dragon boat crew consists of 20 paddlers on a standard boat (or 10 paddlers on a small boat). We are paddling by the sound of the drum and the instructions of the drummer and an experienced helmsman is in charge of the correct direction.

In the Czech Republic, dragon boating appeared as a sport in 1997, when the first 2 dragon boats were brought to Prague. The first Dragon Boat Festival took place in 1998 and remains an annual tradition. In 2001, Czech representatives competed at the European Championship for the first time. Since 2004, the best Czech crews have been fighting at the Czech Cup, which was divided into men and women in 2006, and since 2007, veterans and mix have joined.

As time went by

During the first season in 2006 our number grew, and the training effort resulted in silver medals from the Czech Republic Championship and the second place in the Czech Cup. At the end of the season, we moved to the shipyard in Malá Chuchle, Prague, where the “turquoise dragon” has been dwelling until today.

In 2007, we founded the association - DBT o.s. - and we were looking forward to the new racing challenges with full expectations. In the October, same year, we organized our own race for the first time in Malá Chuchle - Tragically long tracks.

Since 2018, the race organized by us has been part of the Long-distance Czech dragonboat championship.

Since 2015, we have been training on our own boat, which we baptized Hydra.

Over the years, the crew has changed, and we still welcome new members.

What are we proud of?

For four years we have been holding the 1st position in Czech Cup - organized by Czech Dragon Boat Association! At the European Championship in France in 2017 we won 2nd place and this year in Spain we plan to fight for medals again. In order to make it real, we workout, we slave, we sweat…but we need financial support as well.

We are proud to meet regularly for training and to build a strong team, and at the same time we spend our free time together by trying to push through other sports and living our “Tragic Sports lives”.

Why are we doing this?

We love our sport and we enjoy our success :-)



Dear Tragic Girl / Tragic Boy Welcome to the team! We train as hard as we can and thanks to you, we are fastly approaching 100 % of our goal! Getting to 50 % in a week is a huge success and we can't express our thanks and appreciation enough! In return, we have something from our private archives…



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  • 15 I´m also Tragic girl (Tragic boy)

    Do you like us? Are you a sports enthusiast and yet you care about a good result? Or you just want to support us on our way to a dream race? One step closer to becoming a true fan of Tragic girls. Thank you for any support.

    We would be happy to thank you on our facebook

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    Pledge EUR 7.85
    (CZK 200)
  • 42 from 80 Handwritten postcard from Sevilla city

    The individual Tragic girls will send creatively handwritten postcard from the city of Sevilla as part of the regeneration directly after each race. You can look forward to messages from the heart, full of current impressions from the races and from the town of Seville itself.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    Pledge EUR 11.77
    (CZK 300)
  • 98 from 100 Memorial Dragon Medal

    We give you one of our hard-won medals from passed competition seasons.

    You can pick up the medal at the Shipyard USK Praha, Malá Chuchle - by prior arrangement with us, or we will ship it to your home :-) Don't forget to add an address. You can check a photo of medals in our gallery.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    Pledge EUR 11.77
    (CZK 300)
  • 4 Badge "I support Tragic girls"

    Want to cheer in style on races? Or comfortably from work or home? Then the badge "I support Tragic girls" with our logo is the right one for you.

    You can pick up the badge at the Shipyard USK Praha, Malá Chuchle - by prior arrangement with us, or we will ship it to your home :-) Don't forget to add an address.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 15.70
    (CZK 400)
  • 6 Fridge magnet from Sevilla

    Are you collecting fridge magnets from all over the world? Send us into the races in Sevilla and we'll bring it to you.

    Are you collecting fridge magnets from all over the world? Send us into the races in Sevilla and we'll bring it to you.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    Pledge EUR 19.62
    (CZK 500)
  • 21 from 25 Tragic backpack

    Do you know the feeling of going out of training and needing a sportswear or towel backpack?

    With our "Tragic Backpack" these feelings will be over. It´s slim, compact and can be worn as a “bag in bag” or backpack.

    You can pick up the backpack at the Shipyard USK Praha, Malá Chuchle - by prior arrangement with us, or we will ship it to your home :-) Don't forget to add an address. You can check a photo of the bag in our gallery.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    Pledge EUR 19.62
    (CZK 500)
  • 3 One training with Tragic girls

    Sweat, toil, self-denial… running, boat, gym… Can you dare to workout with us? Try what it is like to sit between the Tragic girls on a boat, workout together in the gym end-up by a 4-5 km run. If you are a sports enthusiast, then this reward fits you.

    We train at Shipyard USK Praha, Malá Chuchle. Training lasts 2 - 2.5 hours. All you need is running shoes and sportswear. We´ll lend you the professional paddle.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    Pledge EUR 39.24
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 10 T-shirt "I'm in it with Tragic girls"

    Can't you come to the European Championship in Spain with us, but you want to cheer in style? We will prepare for you a t-shirt with the words "I'm going in it with Tragéds" with our logo and you can cheer anywhere for the rest of the season :-)

    You can pick up the t-shirt at the Shipyard USK Praha, Malá Chuchle - by prior arrangement with us, or we will ship it to your home :-) Don't forget to add an address and size. Super new design will appear soon – check the news

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 47.09
    (CZK 1,200)
  • 15 from 20 A Tragic date

    Want to experience a real date with Tragic girl? One of us, in all honesty, will be pleased to make your evening in Prague more pleasant.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 58.86
    (CZK 1,500)
  • 8 from 10 All you can drink at the Tragically Long Track 2019

    Enjoy the party after the TDT Dragon Boat races September 28, 2019 at the USK Prague Shipyard at Malá Chuchle and party with the Tragic girls until midnight :-)

    If you like good music, soft drinks, beer or something harder as shoots, don't hesitate to take advantage of this great offer. You can get more info by e-mail.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    Pledge EUR 117.72
    (CZK 3,000)
  • 10 from 10 Teambuilding for your company

    You have 16 - 20 sports enthusiasts or you are a group of friends who wants to try something new? Then this reward is just for you. We lend you the boat & paddles and experienced helmsman will guide you on the boat. Dressing room and showers are available. You'll just enjoy it.

    USK Praha, Malá Chuchle. You will receive more information via email. Team building takes 1-1.5 hours, teambuilding can be extended in case of interest and we can get to the other river side and take one beer

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    Pledge EUR 470.87
    (CZK 12,000)
  • 2 from 3 Your banner in Spain

    At the European Championship in Spain, we can only take a limited volume of things but the banner or flag will still fit in the backpack.

    Make an visible ad on European championship and for more you will be rewarded with photos of 22 pretty girls with your promo materials and even some medals. We will also post your banner or flag at our Tragically Long Tracks in September at USK Shipyard in Malé Chuchle.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    Pledge EUR 1,177.16
    (CZK 30,000)
  • 2 from 2 Your name on our boat

    Want more visibility for yourself or your business? Help us to get to the European Championship and we will add your name or company logo to our boat.

    The boat cannot fly with us in aircraft to Sevilla, so “ Hydra” will wait us in the Czech Republic during competition in Spain. But for the rest of the season 2019 and throughout the season2020, you will get an visible advertisement that will cruise the Vltava waters twice a week from March to October.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 1,961.94
    (CZK 50,000)