Stroon - Songs of Concealed Amplitude

I'm Stroon, a well established music producer on the Slovak alternative scene and would like to release my new record on vinyl. For that reason I need some financial support to provide mastering of the record, cover design, press and delivery.

Author: Dalibor Kocián

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  • Premiering the song

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  • Stroon solo

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Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovensko

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In the beginning...

n 2016 I approached the festival Radio_Head awards with my idea to compose a special piece, quite unique locally. Slovak Radio commissioned the composition and I got an amazing chance to carry out my dream. The song's premiere got a standing ovation and we repeated and we performed it once again at Pohoda festival with immensely positive feedback. 

Now I would like to...

Release the composition on vinyl and digital, together with a beautiful cover. All this to record the effort of all the people involved and so that the fans could enjoy this type of music in appropriate sound.  

Something about the project...

I play vibraphone, produce and compose music for theatre, film, digital media. I use my music to capture emotionality which accompanies me throughout life and to attach certain concept to it, which I believe is transferable to the listener. Such concept gives music a form and image, which I want to communicate for better understanding of what I am up to in music. This is how also wrote the composition Songs of Concealed Amplitude. It's a unique 25 minute song, a fusion of impressive soprano, live instruments, electronica and classical music. It takes inspiration from American minimalism, experimental electronic music and improvised music. The song is full of strong moments and evocative melodies and harmonies.

Check out the snippet of the song from its premiere at Slovak Radio studio 4 with amaying visualisation by VJ Kubriel:

... and something more about the song

My main impetus for writing the song was to compose an interesting composition with a story and to express myself musically through my type of approach to electronic music. I also wanted to use my background of composition/percussion studies at Bratislava conservatory. My main inspiration were contemporaries such as Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Erased Tapes musicians, but also composers Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt.

The song was recorded by top musicians: Katarína Kurucová, Martin Štefánik, Andrej Gál, Braňo Dugovič, Jozef Krupa and others. It was premiered at Radio_Head awards festival 2016 and the same year we closed Czechoslovak stage at the Pohoda festival.

Who am I?

As I musician I've been active since 1996. Since 2010 it's “serious”. I've released several records, some of them were nominated in the Slovak Radio_Head awards. I had the chance to perform at several festivals in Slovakia and abroad (Pohoda, Wilsonic, Waves, Lunchmeat, Open'er, BAM festival etc.) I've cooperated with top musicians and several well-known bands/ensembles in Slovakia. I'm still passionate about music for theatre, film, digital media and games.

Why am I doing it?

I think my composition is unique in Slovakia, but at the same time, this kind of music (a blend of classical music, electronica and experimental) is getting more and more. That's why I believe I'll be able to collect enough money to release our record. Thank you!


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