Serial Killer: The TV and on-line series festival

The pilot year of TV and online series festival in Central and Eastern Europe that takes place from 2nd to 5th May in the city of Brno. Serial Killer is meant for anybody addicted to (or at least interested in) contemporary television production.

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The pilot year of TV and online series festival in Central and Eastern Europe.

Serial killer is meant for anybody addicted to (or at least interested in) contemporary television production.


Be so kind and send us a contribution. You will thus enable us to invite serial stars and help us to organise a killing party in the heart of Brno.

We are a new festival of television and internet serials. We will present the most popular contemporary series from all over the world as well as less known projects from Central and Eastern Europe. We offer blood, sweat and tears on the screen and a great party with Czech and foreign celebrities off the screen. We want the best series from the region you haven’t had a chance to see so far. We are preparing loaded Industry Days focused on television field for professionals and a competition festival of series from Central and Eastern Europe for all bloodthirsty souls. This all is taking place from 2nd to 5th May on several stages in the centre of Brno.

You can expect a lot. During three days, you will visit more than 24 program blocks which will present the latest and best works from quality TV as well as beloved classics. From the Czech background for instance, you can look forward to a unique premiere of a serial made by authors of Okresní přebor (District League in English). You should not miss a masterclass with Aňa Geislerová and other guests either. Other program items will be revealed stepwise!


We have chosen the city of Brno – and there is no irony in it. Brno is becoming a popular experience destination praised even by lifestyle columns of Guardian or NY Times. Some of the most important world companies operate here. Sixty-nine thousand students live here. Serial Killer wants to put an end to jokes about Brno insufficiency and go to meet its huge potential.

We simple want to transform Brno into a kind of Sundance of Central Europe. Or Moravian Vary at the minimum.

Who are we?

Kamila Zlatušková is the festival president. She used to work as a creative producer in Czech Television or as a subdean of FAMU.

Jakub Horák is a marketing expert, producer, digital age consultant, writer and Zen seeker. He likes Brno but that is just one of his many positive character features.

Anna Herza Tydlitátová is a producer. Her debut was awarded APA producer award. She organizes international Industry Days for the pilot year of the festival.

Jiří Flígl is the festival program director. He works as a film journalist. He used to work as the head of acquisitions in Czech Television.

Adela Hrivnáková is a scenarist, advertising specialist and versatile artist, who nowadays composes music under a pseudonym of Shirley Nietzsche. She is the head of marketing in our festival team.

Jaroslav Cerman is a stand-up comedian and journalist. He has gained experience in a presidential campaign and is responsible for the festival facebook profile.

The unique festival design was created by the graphic designer Martin T. Pecina, the international European Design Award winner. He explains: “The festival visual style represents an obeisance to furious film titles of trash cinematography of the 1940s and 50s. Horrors, monsters, panic in the streets, death and killing. That is why I used a diagonal composition, casted shadows, pathetic exclamations, combination of script and bold fonts and negative texts on a dark background. The typography is accompanied by various television distortions, noises and signal as well as judgement failures. “


All our material rewards can be collected in the festival venue. In case of exclusive rewards, we will contact you and arrange your reward fulfilment. All material rewards were made according to the unique visual style of Martin T. Pecina, which means they are already extremely valuable and their value can only go higher in time (even to astronomical dimensions).

Why do we need you so much?

We want to organise the best serial event not only in the Czech Republic but in the whole Central and Eastern Europe. However, this is the first year, the pilot year – with everything that includes. This means, for instance, that you have no money since you could not earn any during a previous year. That is why we need money so badly.

A lot of television content is free of charge. But at what price? If we want to get the best content and the most famous authors to our “Moravian Silicon Valley”, we can´t do without your help.

If a serial is on but there is nobody to watch it, does it make any sound? Is anything happening at all? Television might need nothing but your watching. However, a good quality festival demands a bit of you as well. At least from the financial point of view. At least during the first year.

If we succeed in collecting our target amount, we promise you the best party with your favourite serial stars. We promise you a serial festival so good that you will not be able to wait for its next year!

Dear friends, serial maniacs, common people, we are the same as you. And we can´t make it without you.




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  • 2999 from 3000 Murderous spoiler

    Has a neighbour scratched your car? Has a shop assistant darted an unpleasant look at your dog? Haven´t you still been able to forgive your ex? Write us their email address and info about their favourite programs and we will send them anonymously a disgusting spoiler from their favourite serials!

    Reward delivery: In a week

    EUR 5.75
    (CZK 150)
  • 493 from 500 Stylish bottle opener

    All of us know it. You are lying on the sofa, watching series, with a bottle of a delicious drink in one hand and in the other… wait. Where the hell is the opener? What now? The edge of the table can be damaged easily, just as human teeth. Gain this stylish bottle opener beautified by the genius of Martin T. Pecina. We ensure you that you will never put it away. 

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 7.67
    (CZK 200)
  • 295 from 300 Serial Killer Drink in a bottle

    What is this? An ordinary drink? No way! We want to make sure your needs resulting from the necessity to intake fluid will be properly saturated. We thus asked the Bar Which Does Not Exist to prepare an exclusive drink. It has a very stylish label and an unforgettable taste. It will quench your thirst and get you high. You can later use the bottle as an incendiary one and fight for your rights. And stuff like that. You can get the drink in the Bar Which Does Not Exist!

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 11.50
    (CZK 300)
  • 281 from 300 Festival accreditation

    Accreditation for all 4 festival days, which guarantees a priority ticket booking for projections as well as other advantages (entry to parties for visitors, discounts at partners). Congratulations!

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 22.62
    (CZK 590)
  • 95 from 100 Accreditation + poster and badge

    Apart from accreditation (which itself is cool) you also get a poster and a badge, both designed by maestro Martin T. Pecina. The poster is gorgeous.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 24.92
    (CZK 650)
  • 20 from 20 Cushion (not only) for hemorrhoids

    Never-ending lounging by a serial conquers even such swashbucklers as Vikings or Jessica Mars. Never mind! We will help you with this problem discreetly. Very discreetly indeed. And what is more, the cushion was designed by Martin T. Pecina, which means you don´t need to be ashamed of it at all. Do you know the episode when Cartman buys an amusement park?

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 25.54
    (CZK 666)
  • 97 from 100 Accreditation + stylish bag with Serial Killer visual

    • accreditation
    • a stylish bag with Serial Killer visual
    Oh no, you need to go out again. Is there anything worse than that? Yes, there is. Going out and carrying things. If you have a backpack, you look like you´re going hiking. A handbag can endanger your fragile masculinity. So… is there no solution? There is and it is a Serial Killer bag. It looks great (like all things created by Martin T. Pecina) and it can hold everything you need, including a toothbrush. Send a message to streets! Everyone should know that you were dragged out by nothing but waiting for a new series of a high quality program.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 30.67
    (CZK 800)
  • 199 from 200 Accreditation + umbrella with Serial Killer visual

    • accreditation
    • an umbrella with Serial Killer visual
    It often rains in spring and summer. We don´t know who exactly is responsible for it and why he or she does it. But that´s not important. What is important is to stay dry. With our umbrella, you can tell all gods from heaven and all American government spy satellites the following: Everything I know about you I know from American Gods and House of Cards!

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 38.34
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 99 from 100 Serial Killer packet

    • accreditation
    • a poster
    • a badge
    • a bag
    • a bottle with drink
    It would be a great pity to miss some of the rewards. If you have this packet, you will attend the festival and what´s more, you will be well and stylishly prepared. What more can you long for?

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 76.69
    (CZK 2,000)
  • 199 from 200 Accreditation + sweatshirt with Serial Killer visual

    • accreditation
    • a sweatshirt with Serial Killer visual
    A sweatshirt with our visual. What else should we say about it? Hm. You´ll be warm and it fits anthropomorphic forms. If you crumple it, it serves well as a cushion. It is a sweatshirt. Email us your size!

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 76.69
    (CZK 2,000)
  • 100 from 100 Serial Killer packet – OMG edition

    • 2x accreditation
    • a poster
    • a badge
    • a bag
    • a bottle with drink
    • a sweatshirt
    • a bottle opener
    • a cushion
    • an original letter of thanks from the festival director (or someone else)
    Oh my God! With this packet, you become the Serial Killer! We might even tell you to cramp your style a bit. However, who are we to give you advice? Come and join us, we want to see you. 

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    EUR 191.72
    (CZK 5,000)
  • 4 from 5 Balíček PANEBOŽE + Zabijácká párty s týmem

    • balíček PANEBOŽE
    • Zabijácká párty s týmem
    Je s námi celkem i sranda. Konverzace večer se točí kolem čehokoli, od Hegela po pejskaře. Přispějte a stravte s námi nezapomenutelný večer, který se už nikdy možná nebude opakovat. Nebo tak aspoň budete doufat.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 383.44
    (CZK 10,000)
  • 5 from 5 Dramaturgy of your own serial subject

    • OMG packet
    • Killing party with the team
    • Original serial script or dramaturgy of your own subject
    Our team of experienced serial and television whizzes will prepare a serial subject (one A4 extent) for you. You are free to choose the genre. And then you can do whatever you like with it! Maybe nothing. To all creative souls, we offer dramaturgy on their own works. 

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 575.15
    (CZK 15,000)
  • 3 from 3 Killing sauna with the festival director

    • OMG packet
    • Killing party with the team
    • Dramaturgy of your own serial subject
    • Killing sauna with the festival director
    Sauna is healthy and trendy. Just like our general director Kamila. It is thus simply logical to connect these two elements. You can enjoy a relaxing sauna with Kamila and discuss all possible topics, from TV production to sauna temperature. 

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 3,834.36
    (CZK 100,000)
  • 10 from 10 Partnership

    The Pope kisses feet even to those who do or give nothing. However, we are not the Pope. Become our patron and we will treat you like royalty. You will have free entry anywhere. You will be able to meddle into our work. You can come to my house. I´m alone there anyway. We offer service and accommodation for 4 persons, brand visibility at our festival and free entry to all zones. And also all preceding rewards. 

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 5,751.53
    (CZK 150,000)
  • 1 from 1 General Partnership

    You just bought us all.
    • You can name stages after your brand and we'll tailor the programme to your needs
    • Acces to closed VIP party in attractive enviroment in heart of the festival
    • Advertisment of your brand on festival itself and on-line media
    • 10 VIP accreditations
    • Services and accomodations for 6 people
    • free entry to all VIP zones

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 38,343.56
    (CZK 1,000,000)