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Bezobalu is an organization which strives to reduce the amount of waste in the world. We give people the possibility to buy only as much food as they need and to use their own containers.Now we can spread this opportunity across the entire Czech Republic!


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We would like to open a new "bobchod" (zero waste shop) in Prague which will offer a wide selection of foods, complemented by drugstore products, cosmetics and other goods. So far, we have been running only a small trial shop, which helped us to gather knowledge and test the viability of the concept. We found out it is very much in demand, not only by our clients, but also by people in the regions who want open their own shops and ask for our help. It was also due to the rising awareness of Zero Waste that we came to the conclusion that we cannot run our operations merely from the tiny shop. We want to create a space which could serve as a training facility for other people interested in spreading the concept across the entire country. We also organize awareness events and strive to educate the public in order to make people realize that the best waste is that which is never produced. Our objective is to offer the people an alternative to the regular shopping experience by opening a shop, where they can buy what they really want without producing new waste, be it from packaging or food. In order for this shop to become a reality, we need to start from the ground – find the right place, buy all the goods and furnish the entire shop.

How it all started

Four years ago our drying room and soon after that even our bedroom resembled a storage space: flour in one corner, box with dried fruit in the other and the whole storage space was dominated by paper bags with legumes and rice, which we distributed between a group of people because we weren't satisfied with the conventional format of shopping in which you bring home a good deal of waste with your food. For some time it was manageable, but as the bedroom gradually lost its function, we realized this is not the way to do it in the long run. We decided to take another step and to transform our small community project into a shop where everyone, who is not indifferent to the amount of waste he or she produces, is welcome. And this is how our trial shop came to existence. It is nice and small, it is a heart matter, and above all, it is ours. Currently, you can find us in Bělehradská 96 in the inner courtyard, which brings us back several years in our minds. The storage is small, there is not much space in the shop either and the queues which sometimes stretch all the way to the courtyard, are far from pleasant for our shop assistants and first of all for our clients.

What is our objective?

It was the lack of space which triggered the idea to create a new full-size zero waste shop. One which will accommodate a wide selection of goods and will enable us to expand our range of products with vegetables, drugstore products and cosmetics and maybe even pet food in the future. In our current shop, we focus mainly on organic foods, but in the new one we would like to offer also their more affordable, conventional alternatives. We would like our shop to be accessible straight from the street, to be spacey and to serve as many clients as possible. What is, however, at the forefront of our minds, is the possibility to use the premises of the new shop for training and awareness-raising purposes. We would like zero waste shops to spread in the Czech Republic like mushrooms. We already know what it means to launch and run such a shop and we have also had the experience of first consultations with people interested in opening other zero waste shops in the regions. We want to share our experience with other people and spare these people of several sleepless nights and a couple of wrinkles. Currently, we are looking for the best location for the shop in the wider centre of Prague to make it accessible to most responsible, considerate and packaging-free clients. You can voice your opinion concerning the location as well as the range of products in this poll.


We think that it is necessary to have great missions and goals even though they might seem too daring to some people. We believe that it is our responsibility to try to smoothen the edges, to make the incredible become the reality and to show others that everything is possible. And because the equipment of zero waste shops is expensive, we have decided to proceed by way of milestones. If we manage to collect 900,000 CZK, we will open a new shop in Prague with twice the current selection and a training facility. If we collect 1,200,000 CZK we will expand our range of products with fruit, vegetables, baked goods and fresh foods and if we receive 1,500,000 CZK we will also sell drugstore products and cosmetics. And if you really root for us, we have lots of other ideas, which we have saved for the future, such as pet food or deliveries on cargobikes.

...something more

Bezobalu is about people. What really matters to us is that our shop assistants are knowledgeable of all the foods we sell and what we strive for even more is for them to exchange a couple of words with you in oder to bring back the human dimension to the act of shopping which is dominated today by impersonal beeping of barcode readers. That's why we share recipes, have a wide range of inspiring books in our shop, there's a hammock in front of our shop from a social enterprise and you can bring organic waste with you and get rid of it in our composter. We also offer the possibility to prepare your order while you peacefully run your errands so that you can pick it up afterwards.

Who are we?

Bezobalu is a non-profit organization, which is spreading the Zero Waste concept in the Czech Republic ­– i.e. the prevention of waste production. We inspire the public to join the Zero Waste philosophy, communicate with the media, we organize lectures at social events as well as schools. Last year, we organized a series of events called Bezobalu about Zero Waste under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment and initiated the publication of the book Zero Waste Home which was translated into Czech as Domácnost bez odpadu. As the first project of its kind in the Czech settings, we focus on the research of packaging-free distribution, develop storage and logistic solutions, network with other foreign zero waste shops, share our know-how, study the preferences of our clients and search for new suppliers which we motivate to get involved in packaging-free distribution.

Why are we doing it?

We would like to achieve a decrease in the amount of waste produced in the Czech Republic. Zero Waste shops abroad, which significantly contribute to it, often emerge thanks to crowdfunding campaigns. And we would like to raise the Czech zero waste shops to this level. The zero waste shop equipment is still a novelty in our market and it is therefore very expensive. But the more zero waste shops emerge, the more affordable it will become. And we can affect that together! We have already saved up some money, but we need your contribution as well! In case the fund-raising campaign turns out to be successful, we will receive support from the Vodafone Foundation as well. Together, we will free ourselves of unnecessary waste and become the packagingless humans! Let's do it together!

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We thank you with all our zero waste hearts!

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  • 176 I root for you and I don't want anything in return

    "I want to contribute and I don't need any reward." Suitable for minimalists, philanthropes and sponsors. We appreciate your zero waste commitment and we will be happy to receive any contribution from you upwards of hundred crowns. Thanks a lot!

    Reward delivery: Not specified

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  • 20 I want to receive my reward by post

    Our postman Ondra will deliver the reward to you. The rewards are meant to be picked up in our store at Bělehradská 96, but if you can't manage to do that, we will gladly send you a package. However, we will have to charge you a small fee. Thanks for your understanding. 

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    Pledge EUR 4.83
    (CZK 130)
  • 14 Reading to legumes

    We like reading out stories. But not just to anyone. This time we will tell a story composed of your names, read-out loud to our legume section and make a great video from the event. No, we haven't lost our minds, we really care about our food. Be part of it!

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 5.57
    (CZK 150)
  • 14 I want to be a star on the pavement

    Our Mr. Wrappy will roam the adjacent streets of our new shop and draw your name with a chalk on the pavement. Join the walk of fame and become part of the video which is going to capture this creative writing process.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 6.50
    (CZK 175)
  • Sold out!! Bag of the packaging-free human

    Cloth bag is the basic item of each packaging-free human. The one carrying our label is made for those of you who like to spread a good idea, for example when riding a tram. In other words, plastic bag ain't my friend!

    Reward delivery: In a week

    Pledge EUR 11.11
    (CZK 299)
  • Sold out!! Packaging-free snack

    200 gram linen snack bag with a nutritious mix. A snack that is both stylish and tasty. One has to start with small steps and we're going to show you how to do it.

    Reward delivery: In a week

    Pledge EUR 11.14
    (CZK 300)
  • 92 from 150 The bag of the packaging-free human returns - in two versions + illustrated zero waste manual

    New edition of cloth bags! By owing one, you’ll say good bye to plastic bags and spread the zero waste message at the same time. Now you can choose from two options. Both of them feature the packaging-free human and the motto "kupuju jídlo, ne odpad" (“ I buy food, not waste”) on one side. The other side displays homo cucullus asking himself "co se mi stalo?" (“ What’s happened to me?”) or "jsem směsný?" (“ Am I a joke?”) Don’t forget to write down the phrase of the version you would like in the note to the payment. You will also receive the new illustrated manual of the packaging-free human with the bag. So by buying the bag, you not only support us, but also two young prospective illustrators – Zofia (graphic designer of the bag) and Věrka (illustrator of the manual).

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    Pledge EUR 13.00
    (CZK 350)
  • 55 from 150 Packaging-free human starter kit

    Are you wondering how to carry your foods home from Bezobalu? Do people simply put it in their pockets? All you have to do is equip yourself with a couple of re-usable packagings. The kit contains three linen bags certified as food contact materials, 0.5 litre patented jar and a 0.5 litre patented glass bottle. Try it out for yourself.

    Reward delivery: In a week

    Pledge EUR 18.57
    (CZK 500)
  • 22 Book Domácnost bez odpadu by Bea Johnson

    The one with autograph is already sold. But we have new ones for you.   This hot release contains tips and advice not only about how to reduce the waste in your household, but also about how to save time, energy and money. In the book, you will find a recipe for homemade mustard, instructions on how to make decorative cosmetics, packaging-free Christmas decorations and plenty of other advice which will come in handy in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, wardrobe as well as your study. 

    Reward delivery: In a week

    Pledge EUR 22.29
    (CZK 600)
  • Sold out!! Book Domácnost bez odpadu with the autograph of Bea Johnson

    You don't have this hot release in your bookcase yet? It contains tips and advice not only about how to reduce the waste in your household, but also about how to save time, energy and money. In the book, you will find a recipe for homemade mustard, instructions on how to make decorative cosmetics, packaging-free Christmas decorations and plenty of other advice which will come in handy in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, wardrobe as well as your study. On top of all that, you will be a proud owner of the autograph of the very guru of zero waste, Bea Johnson. Invaluable.

    Reward delivery: In a week

    Pledge EUR 26.00
    (CZK 700)
  • 7 The wall meaning Bezobalu

    Write your name on our wall of fame which is going to be exhibited in our shop until packaging completely disappears from the world. Let your name be one with Bezobalu and show others what you support.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 29.72
    (CZK 800)
  • 40 from 50 Workshop "Make Your own Bag from Bezobalu Bags"

    At Bezobalu we buy some food in paper bags. And do you know what we make from them afterwards? Well, Relu bags, of course! Come over and make one of those for yourself. You will  just need a rope and the assistance of our amazing Lucka to bring home with you an original bag which is environmentally friendly and will render everyone you meet speechless.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 37.15
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 30 from 40 Choose the coffee to be sold by Bezobalu

    Our befriended company BirdSong Coffee will guide you through the world of coffee, you will taste several coffee varieties from their selection and democratically agree on two of them which will afterwards be available in our shop. Perfect for all caffeine enthusiasts.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 37.15
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 43 from 50 A family tasting of packaging-free delicacies

    A linen bag of coffee for daddy, great tea for mummy and a mix of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate for the little ones. Try such a trial packaging-free experience or just reward yourself with a packaging-free set of delicacies – Don't be afraid. We won't tell anyone.

    Reward delivery: Not specified

    Pledge EUR 40.86
    (CZK 1,100)
  • 58 from 80 Demanding packaging-free human starter kit

    Do you tend to make larger purchases and want to dive headlong into it? Are you not indifferent about how much waste you buy? Then the larger starter pack is perfect for you. It contains 5 linen bags for fruit as well as loose foods (certified as food contact materials), 2 soaking bags, 5 patented jars (2x 0,5l, 0,6l, 1l, 2l) and a lunchbox.

    Reward delivery: In a week

    Pledge EUR 44.58
    (CZK 1,200)
  • 38 from 50 Workshop "Cooking and Storing Food"

    The initiative Zachraň jídlo ("Save the Food") will guide you through the kitchen and tell you how you can do things even better. Should the cucumber go in the fridge or pantry? And why should you not throw away carrot tops? All that and lots more. Workshop is for 20 people.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 44.58
    (CZK 1,200)
  • 38 from 50 Workshop "10 Practical Tips on how to Start with Zero Waste in the Czech Republic

    Are you fascinated by this lifestyle, but don't know where to start? Does it seem too complicated to you? Come to the workshop and we will tell you how to do it – from breakfast to dinner, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even to your workplace. The workshop will take place in Prague and we promise you that afterwards you will feel committed to change the world.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 44.58
    (CZK 1,200)
  • 40 from 50 Homemade drugstore workshop

    Do you really want to know what it takes to make your own washing powder or universal detergent? You usually use these things on a day-to-day basis, so why not make them yourself, without excessive waste and from resources you know? Our friend Liška Mazaná, "The Sly Vixen" is going to guide you through the workshop.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 52.01
    (CZK 1,400)
  • 81 from 100 Adopt an elephant!

    We can't do without elephants or the dry food dispensers. Elephants are very expensive, so if you adopt one, you'll do us a big favour. He will carry your name and you will have the opportunity to visit him.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 74.29
    (CZK 2,000)
  • 3 from 5 Dinner for two with the Bezobalu team

    Come have a dinner with the Bezobalu team, ask us about whatever you want and tell us about your packaging-free and zero waste life. Let us share advice and ideas. The dinner is for two people and it is going to take place in our courtyard in Bělehradská street as soon as the weather permits.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    Pledge EUR 111.44
    (CZK 3,000)
  • 8 from 10 Opening preparty of the new zero waste shop

    Do you want to be the first one to see it and meet the Bezobalu management team in person? Bring your partner or friend and come to the party before the opening of the shop. It will be an invited-only event for the team which is responsible for the opening of the new shop, family and friends who support us. An examination of the newly equipped shop, refreshments and drinks included.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 222.88
    (CZK 6,000)
  • 2 from 3 Company workshop

    Would you like to organize a workshop for your colleagues or employees? We will take care of it. Now, you only have to choose the right one from our selection: Drugstore, Kitchen, Practical or Coffee. You will create, cooperate and rest.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 1,485.88
    (CZK 40,000)
  • Sold out!! Name our scale

    Make a contribution for a high-precision electric scale to be used in our new shop which will carry your name until packaging is completely wiped off the face of the earth.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    Pledge EUR 1,857.36
    (CZK 50,000)