Martina Trchová & Trio - we are recording a new CD Holobyt

After 6 years, we are coming to you with a new CD, this time with a clear band project. Holobyt is an album about searching for home, not even outside but inside of each of us. We invite you to ours. Help us to make our dream reality and join us.

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How it all began

We met seven years ago, each one of us from a slightly different background. But from the very first moment we knew we were soulmates. And this is how Martina Trchová & Trio was born. Music is about listening and we could suddenly hear “our music”. Now we would like you to hear it as well.

It’s time for a CD!

Twelve songs, we have been working on intensively for past few years, have found their place in an album called Holobyt ("An empty flat"). This album cannot be easily placed into a single genre category.

Why Holobyt?

Holobyt is an empty flat, a space which can be turned into a great place for living again. It can also be the starting point for a new direction. Even people who have already found their homes sometimes feel like revising where exactly they belong. So the leitmotif of our CD is looking for home, both the real place in the outer world and also the hidden home inside ourselves.  

Who are we?

We are Martina, Patrik, Radek and Petr.

Why are we doing it?

Because the connection with you at concerts is so deep that nothing can beat it. We want to be in touch with you and we want you to be able to listen to us on a CD. We still need some money to realize this dream. Moreover, the CD should be accompanied by an original art booklet.


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  • 2 Your good feeling

    You will have good feeling that you’re supporting our new album.


    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 3.86
    (CZK 100)
  • 25 Our CD Holobyt for downloading

    You will get a link where you download our CD in mp3 format.

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 5.78
    (CZK 150)
  • 93 Our new CD Holobyt

    You’ll get a signed copy of our new CD Holobyt and a message.


    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 11.57
    (CZK 300)
  • 10 Our new CD Holobyt and signed poster

    You’ll get a signed copy of our new CD Holobyt and a signed poster.


    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 13.49
    (CZK 350)
  • 5 from 10 A nostalgic reminder!

    We’ll find our oldest records for you (one from each member of the band) and send you them in mp4 format as a video with photos from our history.

    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 19.28
    (CZK 500)
  • 16 What you do not have yet

    Holobyt CD and one chosen older CD which you don’t have (Čerstvě natřeno / Indies Records, 2005, Takhle ve mně vyjou vlci / Indies MG 2010) or the book Deníky z Ladakhu.


    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 23.13
    (CZK 600)
  • Sold out!! Only for VIP

    A VIP front-row ticket to our CD launch concert in Malostranska Beseda on 17.3 from 20:30 + CD Holobyt and a drink after the concert with the whole band.


    Reward delivery: In a week

    EUR 25.06
    (CZK 650)
  • 1 from 3 One hour with double bass

    An hour of silence on Skype with our double bass player on the following topics: creating bass lines, double bass sounds, double bass repair + the CD Holobyt.


    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 30.84
    (CZK 800)
  • Sold out!! An original sketch from Martina and CD Holobyt

    You can choose an original Martina's sketch (size 15 x 15 cm) and get also our new CD. The gallery is here. Please, let us know which sketch you've chosen, so we can manage the rigth one for you!:-)

    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 34.70
    (CZK 900)
  • 1 from 5 An hour with our song!

    Patrik will teach you how to play our songs- a 90-minute guitar lesson where you’ll get the melodic lines and chords for some chosen songs from our repertoire.


    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 38.55
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 2 Complete Trchova at home!

    A set of 3 CDs (Čerstvě natřeno / Indies Records, 2005, Takhle ve mně vyjou vlci / Indies MG 2010, Holobyt / Indies MG, 2016) + the book Deníky z Ladakhu.


    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 46.26
    (CZK 1,200)
  • 2 from 3 Holešovice with Martina!

    A walk through some essential places in Holesovice where Martina will subsequently sing her Prague songs to you (Příběhy v domě in a Paternoster lift, Domů do Manin, Holešovické paničky in magical Maniny, Holobyt in an empty flat) + CD Holobyt.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 115.65
    (CZK 3,000)
  • 9 from 10 An original painting and CD

    An original painting from Martina Trchova and the CD Holobyt.
    You can choose here.


    Reward delivery: In a quarter

    EUR 173.48
    (CZK 4,500)
  • 3 from 3 Your own song

    The band will arrange and record your song, which you can sing with the band yourself. You’ll also get the CD Holobyt of course.


    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 269.85
    (CZK 7,000)
  • 0 MT & Trio concert only for you

    MT & Trio concert in the Czech Republic (+ transport). We’ll come and play a full concert anywhere in the Czech Republic. The cost of transport can be agreed. 


    Reward delivery: In over a year

    EUR 462.61
    (CZK 12,000)
  • 2 from 3 According to your wishes

    According to your wishes, I will paint a portrait of you or someone who you want to make happy.


    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 578.26
    (CZK 15,000)
  • 1 from 1 VIP reward

    Original artwork booklet from the CD Holobyt -12 framed diptychs with drawings, collages and texts in A3 size x 12 + for the main partner of Holobyt, we will use your name or logo on all promotional materials, at all concerts you will be welcomed as our main patron.


    Reward delivery: In a month

    EUR 771.01
    (CZK 20,000)