New bell for church of st. Havel

There's a bell missing in the church of St. Havel in Prague and we decided that it's about time we change that! So instead of buying "love lock" and putting it up somewhere in the city centre, why not to fund a new bell t lock your love truly forever?

Author: Honest Guide

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  • This is the view from St. Havel church tower

  • The church of St. Havel is missing a bell!

  • Cutting love locks is fun. But new bell is better

  • Much better than love locks 😍

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How It All Started

Many tourists buy love locks around Prague and hang them on different statues and bridges. Mostly on the little statue of Saint John of Nepomuk on the Charles Bridge. Unfortunately for them, we cut these locks and they rarely stay on for longer than a couple of days. But! No, you can "lock your love" to a bell, and believe me, this one will remain there for much much longer. Maybe hundreds of years. And the reason we picked the church of Saint Havel, is because Saint John of Nepomuk used to be a priest there! 

So instead of wasting your money on love locks - why don't we get a new bell? And the next time you're walking down the streets of Prague and you hear it ring it - come on, that will bring a smile to your face for sure. 

Don't worry, the city (and us) will keep cutting off love locks. But the bell - that will stay there for hundreds of years. 

Why We Do It?

Because we think it's a shame to waste money on something as stupid as tourist's love lock. We also really like st. John of Nepomuk and the whole story of his. And when we found out about the price of love locks, THIS made much more sense. 


Dec 9, 2019 Thank you!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! THANK YOU! We are in honest shock, that we were able to collect the money for the new bell in just a couple of hours. We will be ordering the new bell as soon as possible and we will keep you informed about it. Also, any extra money that was collected will be used for other…


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