Dokumentary film about forest fires in Bolivia

I need your help to finish the documentary film about forest fires in Bolivia. 5 millions of hectares were burned here this year, size of a small country. With your help, I can uncover the situation so we can all learn from it.

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This year, the forest fires in the Amazon surprised the world with their intensity. The region is changing and it is not changing for the better. We want to portray that change in our documentary film. We want to show what is going on here so that people can understand better and think about what can be done.

So far we have been filming with voluntary firemen in Bolivia in the region of Chiquitania which a cultural heritage of the country. Huge parts of the region were destroyed by the fire and as the country doesn't have official forest fire units, voluntary firemen were the main force opposing the destruction.

Finally, the rain has come and the fire is gone, but this is just a start. Now the colonizers will come and the companies will move in to make use of the cleared land. We want to reason, why the fires were so severe this year, as well as global forces that are taking part in the transformation of the forest. We have the action, now we want to dig deeper into the problem.

Fires are not directly caused by the climate change, although they will surely make it worse. The real cause is human intervention. Laws that allow burning of the forest and interests of global players. The problem has many layers, help us unfold them!

Last but not least the movie will through the eyes of it's protagonists follow the turbulent political situation in the country and the revolution it went through. Local political has a huge impact on the future of the land and the forest.


The situation in South America concerns us all. Region of Chiquitania here in Bolivia can very well show what is going on on a larger scale. The transformation is inevitable but are we advancing in the correct direction? On one hand, humanity has to develop, on the other, can it survive if it destroys everything that lies in its path?

We want to ask questions and look for the answers, show the necessities of the people but also omnipresent corruption involved in the advance of the civilization. Our project is closely related with the problematic situation that humanity is facing.

Chiquitanian forest, Bosque Chiquitano, is the world's largest and best conserved forest of its type. It's a middle point between Amazonian humid rain forest and dry forest of Great Chaco further down south, a home to many unique species, some of which were irretrievably lost in this years fires.


Martin Trabalík is a Czech photographer and filmmaker based in Prague. He often works on international topics and he focuses on social and humanitarian issues. In 2018, he was awarded Czech Press Photo price in the category Problems of our age for covering Rohingya’s expulsion into Bangladesh.

In the past, we have been working on projects in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, and many other places...

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    Come to see the movie as soon as it is ready. You will therefore have an opportunity to see it even before it comes to official distribution. The screenings will be held in Prague and Brno and you will have a chance to discuss the problematics of Chiquitano forest with the author of the movie.

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    Are you worried about situation in South America and would you like to increase awareness in your city? If you chose this reward, we will hold the lecture in the place of your chosing. During the lecture we can discuss the problematics of the forest more in depth and share the experiences from the field. There will of course be space for questions and answers as well as discussion how to influence the situation so that it won't repeat.

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