MarZ band releases a new CD

Our band MarZ lead by a singer, guitar player and songwriter Markéta Zdeňková releases a CD. We'd like to bring together a budget for the recording, production, PR and release party. Welcome to the gallaxy of our songs, after which we named the rewards!

Author: MarZ

Druhý adventní zázrak/ Second miracle

Dec 16, 2019

Milí přátelé,

zázraky se dějí, ale je jisté, že ten náš se stal především díky Vám! Jsme moc šťastní, že jste nám pomohli dostat se mílovým skokem blíž k vydání našeho CD. Právě si připadáme jak pod vánočním stromečkem, když "vybalujeme" Vaše jména a milé vzkazy. Bylo to napínavé, takřka polovina částky se vybrala až v posledním týdnu :-) O to větší radost máme a děkujeme všem, kteří si na nás našli čas a v tomto období plném výdajů finančně podpořili právě nás. Děkujeme i za veškerou pomoc s propagací. Velmi si toho vážíme.

Ti kdo si objednali CDčka, se na ně mohou těšit na jaře 2020. Ostatní ceny se budeme snažit splnit a dodat vám co nejdříve a brzy se s Vámi spojíme.

Přejeme Vám stejně tak požehnané Vánoce, jaké máme už teď my, stejně tak i nový rok a budeme se těšit brzy naviděnou, třeba v Jazz Docku 28.12.!

Váš MarZ

Dear friends,

miracles DO happen, but ours was caused mainly thanks to you! We are very happy, that you have helped us to make a big step towards releasing our new CD. We feel now like under the Christmas tree, "unpacking"  your names and the nice messages. It was adventurous, almost the half of the price was collected during last week :-) We are all the more happy and we want to thank all of you, who gave us your time and in tese days full of expenses have chosen us and supported us. Thank you also for all the help with the promotion. We appreciate it a lot.

If you chose a CD as a reward, you will get it after it's finnished, during spring 2020. Regarding the rest of the rewards, we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We wish you a blessed Christmas, which we are having already now, and a happy new year as well and we are looking forward to meeting you soon, maybe on the 28th of December in Jazz Dock!

Your MarZ

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  • 10 GOOD LUCK

    100 CZK just like that
    Every hundred you can send us counts and we appreciate it! Maybe it will bring some good luck to you as well!

    Reward delivery: In a week

    EUR 3.80
    (CZK 100)

    Our new album in electronic form
    So all you want is just to listen without unnecessary plastic discs and paper boxes? We are ready to send you the new MarZ album in electronic form to your email address right after it has been published.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 7.60
    (CZK 200)

    Both of our albums in electronic form
    So you haven't heard the first album by MarZ "At the Crossroads" (Na rozcestí) whose title song is called “Zlatovláska” (Goldilocks)? We will send you both of the albums in electronic form.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 13.31
    (CZK 350)
  • 24 AT HOME

    Our new CD, signed
    Would you like to have our CD at home in physical form so you can listen, have a look inside and hold it in your hands? You can look forward to a beautiful and signed booklet we have ready for you.
    If you want, you can add a little note about whom you would like the CD dedicated to. You can pick it up at one of our concerts.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 15.21
    (CZK 400)
  • 11 FEAR

    New CD, signed and sent by mail

    As we say in Czech, "hunger is the best cook", and the same goes for fear: if you're afraid, you know what to do not to take any risks. We can send you the signed CD by Czech Post. If you would like us to add a dedication, let us know to whom it should be.


    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 19.01
    (CZK 500)

    New and old CD, both signed
    Would you like to listen to both the old and the new MarZ? You can pick up both CDs at our concert, signed by us. Please let us know if you would like us to write a special dedication and what words we should use.
    If you need the CD sent by mail, please add another 100 CZK for GOOD LUCK (which may come in handy...) and don't forget to give us your address.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 26.61
    (CZK 700)
  • 24 from 30 POHOŘELEC

    A concert with a special experience
    Many feet have trod upon the Pohořelec mountain - do your feet feel drawn to go there, too? We invite you to an intimate concert by the MarZ trio in the former orphanage and now beautifully reconstructed Orphenica Elementary School for Arts where Markéta teaches. The concert will start in the space of the former baroque pharmacy. Our kind headmaster Zbyšek will show you around and pour a glass of wine for you. The support band will be made up of Markéta's young students.
    Date of the concert: February 5, 2020

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 26.61
    (CZK 700)
  • 2 HELENA

    Chords to one of MarZ's songs
    Do you want to play "Helena" for your grandmother or just strum your guitar to another one of our songs? You will receive a file with the chords (tabs) and lyrics to a song of your choice.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 30.41
    (CZK 800)
  • 14 from 20 CHRISTMAS

    A concert in Jazz Dock - a ticket for one person, a drink and our CD in electronic form

    Following our very successful concert between the Christmas and New Year's holidays in Prague's Jazz Dock club, we have decided to do it again this year.

    You can be there with us on December 28 at 7 pm and be immersed in the romantic atmosphere of the club overlooking the Vltava river and the snow-dusted swans. And if it isn't snowing, we can imagine it is...

    As a bonus, we will send you an electronic version of our new album in the spring. Your ticket comes with a seat reservation and a complimentary glass of wine or beer.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 32.31
    (CZK 850)
  • 11 LINDA

    A music lesson with the members of MarZ
    Linda lives in dreams, but you can make yours come true. We mean your music dreams - you can choose a lesson with one of the members of MarZ:
    * a guitar or singing lesson with Markéta
    * a trombone or improvisation lesson on any instrument with Štěpán
    * a lesson of guitar magic with Dalík
    * a bass guitar or double bass lesson with Miloš
    Please let us know your choice. The lessons take roughly 60 minutes.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 34.21
    (CZK 900)


    You may have seen the prototype of this T-shirt at our birthday concert at Vila Štvanice. The T-shirt has been created by several artists: Kristýna Kübelbecková, Zbyšek Fialka - the designers - and Markéta. And now you can enjoy it, too! There is a MarZ logo on the front side and on the back it says in Czech "OUR UNI-VERSE HAS BALLS!" Do you have the balls to wear it? :D

    The price is a bit higher since it's not just a T-shirt to sleep in. Not only have we chosen the best quality material and the best design to print on it but we also care about ecology. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised! Please let us know the size, cut (male/female) and your address or alternative mode of delivery (e.g. to our concert venue).

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 38.02
    (CZK 1,000)
  • 7 from 10 LONG JOHNS

    "I don't want a discount just for nothing!"

    Do you want to get rid of your old pair of long johns and refresh your attire in a pleasant, fun and sustainable way? You can join Markéta on a shopping spree to the good-quality second hand shop "Přestupní stanice" ("Transfer stop"), a place that offers opportunities to the homeless - a job, social interaction and a new chance in life. In addition to clothes you can buy other accessories or books ( Markéta will help you to create a new irresistable outfit.

    For each 1000 CZK you contribute, you will bring home 500 CZK worth of clothes/books that you find at the store. The other 500 goes to MarZ. If you don't spend your money, you can choose instead to pay for a meditation session or attend interesting talks held at the store.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 38.02
    (CZK 1,000)

    A trip with MarZ

    What better way to recharge than spending time in nature? A half-a-day trip with two or three members of MarZ. Don't expect any great sport achievements from us musicians - just a lot of fun and the usual stop for refreshments. If there are more of you, it could be a real blast!

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 57.02
    (CZK 1,500)
  • 3 OLIVE

    A signed CD and two tickets to the release party

    The CD release party will be the icing on the cake - like a fresh olive that just got ripe. And you will be right there to pluck it off the tree of our efforts, receiving two free tickets plus a glass of wine or beer on us and a signed copy of the CD.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 76.03
    (CZK 2,000)

    How irresistible!
    Hey, ladies! We have something just for you: A date with one of the male members of MarZ! There's no guarantee the boys won't be taken soon, so don't miss your chance!

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 114.05
    (CZK 3,000)
  • 3 GOJA

    A significant contribution to making our dream come true
    Just like the girl from the coast of a small island who dreams of her sailor coming back to her from afar, we dream of reaching our financial goal. This sponsorship amount is significant enough to move us closer to the safety of the "shore".
    You will receive an official thank you note inside the booklet of the CD and two free tickets to the release party. You will get a signed copy of the CD via mail or we will deliver it to you personally.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 190.08
    (CZK 5,000)
  • 2 from 2 BUTCHER

    A real country pig slaughter feast with Markéta and Dalík from MarZ FOR TWO PERSONS!

    The feast will include: Pork meat, hash-and-crumbs sausage (jitrnice), black-pudding sausage (jelito), “head cheese” (tlačenka), goulash and pork blood soup (prdelačka), a river of beer, a steady flow of music plus you will get to meet at least five butchers ;) And, in the course of the evening, we will most probably risk our lives playing our hit “I Will Kill The Butcher”!

    Date: February 29 to March 1, 2020.

    The reward includes accommodation and pork feast for two. Travel costs to Zábrodí near Náchod, Czechia are not included.

    Reward delivery: In half a year

    EUR 304.12
    (CZK 8,000)
  • 4 from 4 SO CLOSE

    Home Concert
    Do you want to be close to the musicians and the club seems too far? Do you want to see every movement the players make and hear every breath they take? Do you want to show off in front of your friends or neighbours or just have the luxury of a purely private show? Home concerts are the hit of the season. Our MarZ duo or trio can play in the warmth of your home unplugged or with a little help from our own sound equipment. If playing outside of Prague, please include some extra travel money.

    Concert duration: Two 35-minute sets or 70 minutes in one go.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 380.16
    (CZK 10,000)
  • 2 from 3 A SONG YET TO COME

    We will compose a song based on ideas from you.

    Would you like to be the co-author of one of our songs? Give us the topic, mood and genre or just a verse you thought of that you would like us to work with. We will write a song and play it at a concert on a date we will all agree on. You will receive two free tickets for the show as well as a recording of the composition by a smaller version of MarZ (duo/trio).

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 570.23
    (CZK 15,000)
  • 0 WHALES

    An enormous contribution to make our dream come true
    Do you want to make a giant contribution worthy of the big fish you are? We will greet you with a great whale smile and present you with 4 new CDs, inside which you will find a ginormous thank you note that will guarantee you two tickets to a MarZ concert of your choice.

    Reward delivery: In over a year

    EUR 760.31
    (CZK 20,000)
  • 3 from 4 REAL FEEL

    Concert At Your Own Special Place
    Do you want to feel like a real festival manager? Do you have a suitable space to organize a concert? A country house, a barn or a castle ruin? Our five-member band can come over and play for you and your friends (or enemies behind the fence :). We will bring our own sound equipment sufficient for your yard or garden.
    Note: unless you register with the Authors’ Association (OSA), you cannot officially sell tickets for the event. However, collecting donations is allowed ;)
    The duration of the concert is either two 35-minute sets or 70 minutes in one go. Please include extra travel charges if the location is more than 100 km outside of Prague.

    Reward delivery: In a year

    EUR 950.39
    (CZK 25,000)

    The maximum contribution to making our dream come true
    Do you want to become a God-like figure to us? In return for your very generous contribution, we guarantee life-long access to all of our future concerts, 10 copies of our new CD and our words of infinite gratitude expressed inside the booklet of our CD.

    Reward delivery: In over a year

    EUR 1,900.78
    (CZK 50,000)