A new Tygroo album: TgzZ DgzZ

We are going to bring you our second album, and we need your support to do it! This record has been made with a great amount of production and composition effort, and we hope the result is worth it. Help us, and you won't regret!

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Some history:

In the summer of 2015, this band started playing music for a nomadic theater company Žebřiňák. Te group was walking through the villages of southern Bohemia, playing on local squares, playgrounds, and in local bars.  The summer and the theatre show ended, but we wanted to keep on playing together, so we started to rehearse, compose songs, and search for new drummers. On the New year's eve of 2015, we played our first concert, and following the success of this, we kept on playing as the band called "Tygroo", consisting of David Lomič, Matěj Heinzl, Šimon Janák, and Vojta Stolbenko. In the winter of 2017, we spent four days in a studio to record our first album, "Sauti Mafuta", and we kept on playing in bars, clubs, streets of Europe, and festivals. About that time, we also made our first succesful music videos. In the begginning of 2017, we recorded our second album, and we want to finally publish it now. It is called "TgzZ DgzZ" and its gonna be a big bang!

What is our goal?

We want to make interesting, beautiful, powerful, strange, new and good music, and we want to do it all the time.

This band is very important for all of us, we put a lot of effort and time to this, including the new album. We dare to think that this record is something special and unique on the Europe's music scene, and that it deserves support and attention. Therefore, we would like to ask all our international fans and their friends, famillies, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, granfathers and so on, generally all the people that believe in the importance of independent music and art in the human society, to help us with another important step on our zigzag musical road.

Some details:

The new album, "TgzZ DgzZ", is our first really "produced", not just "recorded" album, so that means it is a little different than our live shows, it is a creation on it's own. Apart from the acctual recording work, there has been plenty of time end effort spent on the sound and electronic effects production, to make it sound more modern and powerful, to match the quality and sonic richess of today's recodings. This album is less experimental and jazzy than the first one, it is more inspired by electronic music genres, but it is still definitely very "Tygroo style", and we believe that it is not gonna leave any of our old fans disappointed. The overall cost of this album's production will be around 4,000 Euro, and as none of us is rich, we really need your support!

Who is Tygroo?

We are a band, composed of a drumset, a tuba, two saxophones, clarinet, and accordion. Sometimes we rap, sometimes we sing. Our main inspiration is balkan music, jazz, electronic dance music, hiphop, and the czech "underground". Everyone of us brings different musical experience, ideas and influences. This mixture make sometimes difficult, but fruitful fusion, that is often surprising for our audiences as well as ourselves. We try to make music that is good for party as well as for listening, a music that is intersting, innovatinve, surprising. We write our lirics about things that hit us, that make us laugh or cry. Three of us have musical education, and we all make a living with music or other scenic arts. During our concerts, we are sweating blood, tears, souls, everything. And we don't want to stop!

 Why crowdfunding?

Because this is a very great and clean way how to adress our fans directly, and ask for support, while staying independent, free to create as we like. At the same time, it is a way to find out, how much the people really support us, and a way to let them know, that we keep on working. And maybe even a way to get some new followers? 


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    Jste taky sami? A nebo nejste, ale chtěli byste být? Anebo něco mezi? A nebo něco úplně jiného? Zajděte si na Rande s Tygrem, to vyřeší všechny Vaše problémy, ať jsou jakékoli. Nebo aspoň bude sranda.. účet platí Tygr. Který Tygr to bude, to se uvidí..

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    Have a dinner with us! A Tygroo member will cook something, and then we are gonna eat it all together, then we drink something, and then we start to talk, later probably argue or fight, and then we might go home, happy and full. Preferaly in Prague. Plus you get our new album on CD and our album art undershirt as a bonus! Hamhuhuu! 

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    Come join us for a trip, probably to a concert or two! Enjoy all the confusion and stress and fun and adventures while getting to a Tygroo concert, then listen to the concert from the backstage or wherever you want, and then come back with us, or stay some more for a party and more music, sleep under the stars or on a couch, and come back even later. Plus you get our new album on CD as a bonus! And alcohol. kapapupšt!

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    If you contribute so much, we are gonna  sing an ode about you. Really. We arre gonna make an a cappela (without instruments) song about you or your name, and then we will meet with you and sing it for you. We can also film ourselves singing it and send it to you. Plus you get our new album on CD and our album art undershirt as a bonus! Ólálá!

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  • 10 from 10 A cover version of your choice

    We are gonna cover a song of your choice, arrange it and make it "Tygroo style" Then we record it and film ourselves playing it and send it to you. We can also play it for you live somewhere, if it is not too inappropriate.Plus you get our new album on CD and our album art undershirt as a bonus!. Ohohohohó!

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    Invite us to play in your bar, club, festival, living room, kitchen, garden, wedding, funreal, anywhere. Plus you get our new album on CD a bonus! The price doesn't include travel costs. Trrááááááá!

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