Loving Season - jazz and love combined by Marta Kloučková

Do you like jazz and love? Then do not hesitate to support the debut album of the young singer and songwriter Marta Kloučková and her quartet, because it's all about these two vital things.

  • Marta Kloučková - Loving Season

  • The crew at SONO studios

  • Marta Kloučková and David Dorůžka listening

  • Marek Urbánek, Jan Fečo, Vít Křišťan talking

  • Vojtěch Nýdl - Clarinet Factory

  • Marta Kloučková - Loving Season

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What is it about?

Album Loving Season is the debut of singer, songwriter and composer Marta Kloučková and includes songs she had written over the past five years. The theme is love and its different phases and forms - from attraction, to deep and platonic love to its apparent or real absence. 

How was the recording?

The album, which is Marta`s personal emotional testimony, was recorded in SONO studios under the sound supervision of Adam Karlík and is performed with an Czech all-star acoustic jazz quartet: Vít Křišťan - piano, Fender Rhodes, bells, Jan Fečo - double bass, Marek Urbánek - drums, percussion and unique choice of guests of the album: David Dorůžka on guitar, Clarinet Factory ensemble and flutist Oto Reiprich.

"I am so happy we managed to give the songs the atmosphere they needed. It was something that I really wanted to achieve - the songs are sensitive, deep, have a tension and an authentic atmosphere. I am very happy that I had an opportunity to record the album with this band and the amazing guests," says Kloučková. "I believe these emotions will be delivered to the listeners," she adds.

What can you expect?

There are twelve songs, most of them written by Kloučková. Some of them she provided with Czech lyrics, other songs are based on the work of American poet Sara Teasdale. Vít Křišťan, who co-authored one of two arrangements for Clarinet Factory, contributed two songs. The album also includes David Dorůžka's Song for Albert, with Kloučková`s lyrics called Blíž. The album will be released in November on the jazz label Hevhetia.

How will the money be used?

It will cover part of the recording session. Making a new album is a joyous, but not always an easy process and your support will help to take some of the weigth from us :-)

Who is Marta?

Marta Kloučková is a multi-genre singer and a one of the most significant voices of the contemporary Czech jazz scene. She is a finalist of the prestigious international jazz vocal competition Voicingers 2017 and a semifinalist of the Riga Jazz Stage 2018 and has performed at the Czech club scene and at domestic and foreign festivals (in Slovakia, Turkey, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Australia) in projects across genres. She is a member of the SKETY ensemble, sings in progressive music projects (Concept Art Orchestra) and site-specific projects (Netykavka: Initi + Floex), South Bohemian Philharmony, David Dorůžka Trio or swing singer Jan Smigmator. Marta is a graduate of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory (Performing Arts, 2012), the University of Economics - Management of Arts (2015) and Jaroslava Ježek College (Jazz Vocal, 2017).


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