SKINNERS - the pocket shoes

Skinners are compact footwear you can easily fold and put in the pocket. Whether you are roller skating, cycling, at the gym or travelling... simply anywhere! Skinners are a little bit addictive, so we would be glad to share this experience with you!

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Our story?

The idea was born last year in Norway, where I worked, and like most people during packing I struggled with optimal amount of things what to take with me. Armed with ultralight jackets, lightweight towels and dehydrated food I watched how reserve boots occupy other half of the luggage. The "aha moment" to create a compact storable shoes came when my friend was recovering from foot injury. Simply he couldn´t fit his foot in classic shoes, or when he finally did it, it wasn´t very comfortable and the moisture inside was preventing healing. Prompted by the desire to help a friend and to enjoy his foot free and natural movement while providing adequate protection against erratic Norwegian weather, I picked up a needle and piece of fabric and started to work...

Our goal?

During development we´ve been subsequently assisted by a few skilful Czech companies. The last person we need now is YOU. Your contribution will enable us to buy patterns and forms that are required to launch serial production.

Sorry, what is it good for?

Inline, Travelling, Soccer, Running, Athletics, Fitness .. possibilities are countless ... simply anywhere :)

... one more thing

Another reason to start using Skinners appears at a time when you walk in it. Each foot contains up to 200 000 nerve endings and is thus one of the most sensitive areas of the body. We loose the feeling to perceive what we have under the feet and the natural biomechanics and motion control when we close our feet in shoes.

Sturdy shoes are mainly used to prevent injuries and to guarantee safety, but it is not good to dwell on it constantly, because the foot loses its elasticity and is forming according the shape of shoe what typically results in problems with arches, thumbs or fingers. It is  the same as when you take off the plaster after an accident. After the removal the muscles and tendons of the limb are weakeaned (atrophied). That´s why you should use solid footwear only during activities it was designed for .. for the rest you have Skinners :).

Why we do it?

Just as Leonardo da Vinci we also believe that "The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." Skinners will therefore try to protect this masterpiece efficiently while supporting the amazing features it offers.

Thanks for your support!

Petr Procházka a Michaela Matějková


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    It´s definitely an interesting idea and therefore I will support you with 100 CZK in exchange for an e-mail full of gratitude :)

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    I like it, I will support it, and because of that I will get an e-book full of information and tips regarding feet, walking, running, proper footwear and its influence on our health.

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    I´d like to have Skinners but right now I only have 300 CZK in my pocket so I will exchange it for 375 CZK discount coupon to buy Skinners in future!

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    I am an early bird! That means I will get a pair of Skinners for 100 CZK cheaper (+ protective case and free CZ shipping).

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  • Sold out!!

    I just miss a 100 CZK discount, but still I will get Skinners 50 CZK cheaper (+ protective case and free CZ shipping as well :)).

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    I just missed discounts but still I will get Skinners with free CZ shipping and protective case.

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    I want 3 pairs of Skinners chosen by my own in a gift box with a dedication (+ 3 cases and free CZ shipping).

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    I want Skinners for the whole family! (= 4 pairs of Skinners + gift box + 4 protective cases and free CZ shipping).

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    I want Skinners for my business / sport team / gang (= 10 pairs of Skinners embroidered with the name of the company / team / gang + 10 cases and + free CZ shipping).

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    I want to see who stands behind Skinners so I will go with them to a common reflex foot massage (Prague, Brno, Olomouc) where they personally gave me 3 pairs of Skinners with my initials and cases in a gift box with a dedication.

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    I like Skinners so much that I want to have custom-made pairs fitting exactly to my feet. The authors come to me and make me five pairs of Skinners with monograms. I know it will be an experience! :)

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    EUR 761.04
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