Five steps to list a project at Hithit

  1. Idea

    You have a great idea

  2. Registration

    Register at and describe your idea briefly. We will send you a list of useful tips how to prepare a successful project.

  3. Idea

    Tell as many people as possible about your project at Share it in social networks, create a blog about it, contact traditional media, make your family, friends, colleagues at work familiar with it.

  4. Rumours

    Fulfil the defined target, get the amount you wanted to execute your project.

  5. Collection

    Get into the execution of your idea, and reward all who helped you to make your dream come true.

Have you got a great idea? Come execute it now.

Create your own project

What happens with the money

  • The money arrives at a special account created just for Hithit by our payment gateway provider. Neither the author nor Hithit have access to the money before the term for the collection of funds expires.
  • Tell as many people as possible that you supported a project at Hithit. Write it in facebook, talk about it with friends, colleagues. This way, you help the project a second time, and increase the probability of its successful execution.
  • Once the fund collection deadline expires, Hithit evaluates if the project was successful. If the project achieves to acquire the defined amount, or exceeds it, the project creator gets the contributions, and sends you the chosen reward. When it is not successful, Hithit sends money back to where it came from.